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Tygers Of Pan Tang album review:

I don't know why I'm after this CD. And an even greater mystery to me is the answer to the question why I went with her to the checkout. And I don't understand that I was guided that I had to pay for it. Can this cover? Bright, colorful, fire okalającymi wybuchającą the Ground and towering over her tiger. It is very likely that it was just that. Never, because the Tigers Of Pan Tang never loved. In fact, I have not had even occasion to become better acquainted with their creativity, because always somehow evolved so that omijałem they manufacture a wide arc. Not that specifically, just how things turned out. I have, therefore, this comfort that I could come to their latest production without any prejudices and expectations. Here, another album bought in the dark, which harbored high hopes for a long-term friendship. Strictly, however I was wrong.

"Tigers Of Pan Tang" is a great cooker! And I could stop because any argument of this thesis and so does not replace the sounds that fill the silver (or black for fans of vinyls) washer. Have absolutely no idea, sounded like the team's previous achievements, nor this early, and those after reactivation. Read only out of curiosity to Internet to check that all these years, the composition was stable, or maybe Vice versa. And as is usually the case with teams that have at some point disappeared into the crowd, roszad had something to do. From what I have read, with this lineup, only guitarist Robb Weir from the beginning, and the rest came in a moment. I have it somewhere, the important thing now is play. And play absolutely phenomenal.

The album is, on the one hand, very classic, built in direct line to the tradition of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, and at the same time it sounds very fresh. The production is modern, but the modernity of the sound does not kill the creatures of the transmission and all the time heard that the group originates from the period in which at stages was dominated by Saxon, Angel Witch, Judas Priest and of course Iron Maiden. Fast, melodic "Only The Brave", "Never Give In", or "Devil You Know" could occur 35 years ago and the quality is not ustępowałyby the works of the aforementioned aces. Oh, these juicy, fast riffs. Simple, but in any case not stupid. It is the backbone of the plate, its rod. Just as when a solid riff was the basis of the composition around which everything else was built. Today, unfortunately, different, and on many albums of famous bands, it is vain to look for some memorable riffs. But all this is heavy metal, this is its essence. Fortunately, the "Tigers Of Pan Tang" they are a dime a dozen. While the leg itself begins to move, and the head involuntarily swinging up and down at the sound of a little nostalgicznego in the text layer "Do It Again". The quintessence of style. But that was not so jednowymiarowo, the team decided to grow in the areas of American southern rock and a "Glad Rags" could find one of the disks Lynyrd Skynyrd. Same with the cover version of "I Got The Music In Me" is unknown to me is Kiki Dee Band. Stylistically, these works differ a bit from the rest, but quality is still great. However, the last Lynyrd Skynyrd cd I love, so this kind of sounds understood everything in everything else. There are also the obligatory ballads, here in the form of well planned and organised "The Reason Why" and emotional, acoustic miniature "Angel In Disguise". But the real icing on the cake, a real highlight of the album is "Pray For A Miracle". This semi-ballad is a masterpiece of melodies, arrangements and execution. Of course, the highlight of the disc, in which singer Jacopo Meille literally shines. To be honest, his voice is one of the strengths of this production as a whole. Not to mention the rest of the musicians, of course. His singing, although slightly lifted in the mix a bit too closed on the guitar (my opinion), drives the songs and gives them character. And like everything else painfully classic.

I was sincere, and thought that the album could be better if played on it originally, members John Sykesem headed, because you haven't heard (and in fact it may have heard, but I don't remember) that was created so far. To me the fact that the brine bezpłciowych plates, under which the shelves SAG you can get such gems as the latest products the Tigers Of Pan Tang. The heart is growing, and the ears rejoice. A smart, educated, unpretentious piece of classic heavy metal. Listen and rejoice. In the same way as I do.

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