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Hard Music Base - 'Ambush' Review

Those who closely followed the NWOBHM scene know the importance the TYGERS OF PAN TANG played in consolidating this movement, one of its most important and relevant bands, although they never achieved the recognition of their fellow countrymen. But to the delight of their Brazilian fans, Hellion Records has just launched onto the domestic market "Ambush", the 10th disc of the band, and one of the best albums released in 2012.

While only guitarist Robb Weir's remains from original lineup, the band's sound remains totally retro and stamps on it that characteristic sound, ie a finely tuned mix between organic and traditional metal, hard and classic rock, full of "classic" and melodic riffs, direct and accurate, catchy vocals and melodies, that has the listener singing them instinctively after the initial hearing of the disc.
Another highlight of the material is the Italian vocalist Jacopo Meille, with a timbre very pleasant and engaging, reaching high tones with ease. Even his improvement is noticeable compared to the previous disc, "Animal Instinct" (2008)

All 11 tracks presented follow a course and are energetic, intense and vibrant, spending much positivity to the listener, and while it may not bring anything new, captivates the quality presented, and the passion that oozes style in every note played by the quintet.

Listen to tracks like "Keepong Me Alive", "One of Kind", "Man of Fire" and "Play to Win", to get an idea of how the band still sounds as good even after 35 years since its formation. The production of Chris Tsangarides also contributed much to the excellent outcome of the material, especially the choice of instruments in retro tones without much modernity.

A disk highly suitable not only for fans of traditional metal, hard and classic rock, but also to all lovers of good music in general, butting heads with some of the bands greatest classics "Wild Cat" and "Spellbound" !

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