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Wings Of Death - First Wave Review

Tygers Of Pan Tang is of course inseparable from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Maybe not the best band of the time, not the band that would become the most famous, but one of the most tenacious and extremely authentic. The first three albums Wild Cat, Spellbound and Crazy Nights can be considered purebred contemporary documents. Then there was, like many of his contemporaries with lack of tangible success, careful what flirted with other musical approaches, and went downhill in the career. Also showed a stable line-up a utopia.

Although the band in the '90s was on his hole, published since 2001' just 'new albums, Ambush in 2012 as a temporary last feat, with only guitarist Robb Weir as part of the original band member Tygers. This Tygers Sessions: The First Wave, the title betrays it all a bit, however, is not a new album by the band.

In 2010, specially for the fan club a jubilee EP recorded with five re-recorded songs from their debut album Wild Cat 1980, so to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of that album. In 2011, that same trick is used with six songs from the second album Spellbound. These two EPs are now brought together and are a true limited edition of 1000 pieces released as Tygers Sessions: The First Wave, so surely everyone is given the opportunity to get this music.

For people who already have the original albums or know nothing new under the sun, although it is fun to compare. However, if you still know nothing of the band, and surely are curious about one of the more modest pioneers of the NWOBHM era, then Tygers Sessions: The First Wave and nice entry point. This album is of course particularly interesting from a nostalgic point of view, if you, like yours truly, this period still have experienced more or less consciously. Classic heavy metal at its purest; nothing more, but also nothing less!

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