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Ice Rock 2018
1st February 2018

So let’s start by wishing you all ‘Happy New Year!’ Although we are into February now! and with the start of 2018 so starts a whole bunch of new Tygers adventures….This time last year we were asked to headline one of the nights for the fantastic ‘Ice Rock’ festival in Switzerland. Now as you have come to expect the Tyger’s travel arrangements are always interesting! So I set off on Thursday the 4th of January about ten thirty night time (22.30) to pick up Gav then on to get Mick. With all three of us on board we set off straight to Manchester airport where we were meeting Craig about 03.30am. Check in was at 04.00am and the first of two flights (we were flying to Zurich via Munich) was due for takeoff at 06.05am. The flight was a KLM scheduled one to Munich and the journey was very comfortable, with a little bit of food, and a glass or two of wine, the perfect breakfast was served! KLM are excellent. We had a 2 hour layover in Munich and then a short 40 minute jump into Swiss air space where we encountered some incredible clear air turbulence! The plane bucked like a bronco for several minutes making Craig want to empty his bowels into his trousers repeatedly! (He couldn’t go to the toilet as we had all been told to strap into our seats tight!) On the other hand I love a bit of rumpity bumpity me! The landing was a masterpiece considering the conditions and Zurich ‘terra firma’ was a very welcome sight! With our tour bus waiting for us on arrival we were soon on our way to the festival site near the city of Emmental. We checked into our hotel around 15.45 and the thought of the next four hours down time was very welcome. The tour bus picked us up at 20.45 and 20 minutes later we were in our dressing room eating….you guessed it, Emmental cheese! Rude not too really! And with a bit of salami and some Jack Daniels what’s not to like?

Show time was 22.30 till midnight and we finally made it back to the comfort of the hotel rooms around 01.40am. The lobby call for the bus and the return journey to the airport was fifty minutes later, yes that’s right at 02.30am! We reached Zurich international airport for a 05.00am check in and a 06.55am flight direct to Manchester. Are you still with the plot? I then got into my car with Gav and Mick at 08.50 and drove three hours back to Tyneside. So I was up from eight o’clock Thursday morning till ten o’clock on Saturday night, mmm… let me count that up yep, sixty two hours with probably 3 hours catnap along the way! Who says Rock’n’Roll is glamorous?

Anyway our 90 minute headline spot was made especially fantastic because of the amazing Swiss fans, you lot know how to rock a bit as well don’t you!





Big thanks to our marvellous photographers, Mel B and Unni Nordheim for their great pictures.

‘Switzerland, we shall return!’

Cheers Robb x

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