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Storm Crusher 2017
8th December 2017


Germany is always a great destination for us, and we had the added bonus of an extra night (before the show) in Wurz. We flew into Nuremburg, Friday teatime where we picked up our hire car and drove the 100 kilometres to Wurz. We checked into a beautiful family run hotel in a very green and rural area of Germany. Across the road from the hotel was a little Greek taverna which we spied as we arrived, and Greek it was for our evening meal! After a few Ouzo’s and a glass or two of Retsina wine, the kebabs went down nicely! The next morning after breakfast it was time to explore the town, after about a 2 mile walk away from the hotel the heavens opened so I got my second shower of the day! This of course meant that the festival was going to be wet and muddy and although the event was inside the access to the site was through farmer’s fields! Oh the fresh smell of cow shit! See it’s not all champagne and strawberries…..

On stage just before us were our great friends ODS, (Oliver Dawson Saxon) consistently brilliant, these guys know how to rock. Now I like it loud on stage but when we started to play my monitor was set to a ridiculous level with all the wrong things in it I didn’t want to hear! Never mind occasionally you get this when you don’t get a sound check before a festival performance. After a performance you can’t say to people well the monitors weren’t good or, I had tooth ache so I wasn’t up to my best. You just adapt and get on with it! People don’t want to hear excuses, they’ve paid their money and they want a near perfect performance, and to be honest that’s what should happen every time. Right enough of my preaching! Let’s get back to the story….The show was a blinder, with a great crowd reaction so big thanks to all the boys and girls who came out for the day. I must tell you after the show we all ate food cooked from an open fire pit. My goodness if you ever get a chance to sample food cooked this way do not refuse! Just the best way to excite your taste buds! Ok, here’s the photo’s, thanks to the incredible photographical talents of Geschmacksrichtung Grün and some live footage from the show shot by a fan.





Loads more to come from the ‘Tyger Tales,’ road book!

See you soon….


Raismes 2017
25th October 2017

Normally our Tygers world is booked a year ahead, but this one came in about 5 months ago. Ludy our agent contacted us saying he had agreed terms with the festival promoters and we were playing second fiddle to UFO! As you can imagine we were all looking forward to this one. Wilbert, our tour/ stage manager and tech drove down from Holland where he lives to look after us. It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway, MASSIVE thanks to Will, you rock sir! Jack flew in from Florence, Craig, Gav and Mick flew in from Manchester and I caught the Euro star train from St Pancras, London to Lille international where I met up with the boys, Will and Harriette who was our merch seller for the festival. We travelled the short distance to the hotel where we checked in and freshened up. Then it was off to the festival to check in there and set up our backline. We have lots of great friends in France and quite a lot of them were there to see us and meet up.

So with all introductions done and friendships renewed it was down to business…



Big thanks to Barry Wm and Erika W666 for the fantastic photos. The show was brilliant and our French fans were very warm and Tygertastic! I must also thank the festival promoters and stage crew for looking after us and the Fernando Rock Show Muppets, for the crazy interview! After the show and a few ‘social’ drinks it was back to the hotel for an early rise the next morning. Well that’s the story told so far, until the next one of course! See ya’s…..

Italy, Spain & Scotland 2017
12th September 2017


Three festivals in 9 days, no problem for the Tygers! So let’s get this party started…..

Late last year our singer Jack was approached by an Italian promoter, (Because Jack lives in Italy and they know each other) about the possibility of the Tygers playing their own festival! We of course jumped at the chance and the ‘Glad Rags and Crazy Nights open air festival’ was born. On Saturday the 17th of June we flew out to Florence to headline it. Early start as usual for me, (Living the furthest north) picking up Gav, Mick and then Craig on the way to Manchester airport. I tell you what, it doesn’t half cheese me off when in the early hours of the morning travelling down motorway you find out that part of it has been closed and they detour you off round the countryside adding 20 to 30 miles to your journey! Anyway, the flight was on time and when we arrived in Florence the weather was fantastic. We were met at the airport and our tour bus took us to our hotel for a few hours rest. Around 17.00 we had a lobby call and then we were off to the festival site. Located just out of Florence the site was a decent size and well set up with some very friendly staff and great hospitality. We were also able to use their fantastic electronic backdrop for our show. Show time came around and as always the Italian fans made us feel so welcome, ‘Grazie mille!’



On the morning of the 23rd of June we once again gathered, and this time drove to Stanstead airport to fly out to Bilbao in northern Spain to play the huge Azkena Rock Festival. We arrived in Spain mid morning to a very warm and humid day. The sky looked full of rain, and as we disembarked from the plane the heavens opened! Tygers don’t mind a bit of water, it cleans the fur!! Anyway a short 45 minute journey south and we were in very sunny and hot, ‘Vitoria,’ the city hosting the festival. Green and lush and very ‘laid’ back you instantly got the feeling of ease and peace. As we pulled up to the hotel the tour bus in front of us was leaving its passengers behind…Kings X! We jumped out to say ‘Hello’ and both bands checked into the bar! Amazing 5 star hotel with fantastic staff and service. After a few drinks it was up to our rooms to freshen up. We met in reception around six and were transported of the festival site. Now the one band out of the whole weekend I wanted to have a beer with was Cheap Trick. Well, our dressing room was only right next door! If you ever, ever get a chance to meet these guys, they are fab, really funny, warm and friendly. (Bit like us really!)

Me       Jack       Tom Petersson       Gav       Craig       Daxx Neilsen
Daxx is Rick’s son who now plays the drums in Cheap Trick.
This was taken seconds before they went on stage!

Our stage time came around in no time at all and boy were we ready! We came to ROAR and roar we did! With about eight thousand watching us, and we were on stage 3! The night just got better and better.

Thanks to Dena Flows and Les deux piedn for the great shots.
The site was amazing with a ‘Wall of death,’ motorcycle riders’ enclosure, a wrestling tent, endless BBQ outlets and everything in-between! I can tell you we can’t wait to play this one again….With a ‘Little’ party back at the Hotel to round the night off, the next morning at breakfast was a dark glasses affair! Bacon, paracetamol and eggs, Aspirin marmalade and an Ibuprofen smoothie! Perfect, I feel great now!

The flight home to Stanstead was calm, peaceful and sober. When we arrived back in the UK we picked up our tour bus from the airport short stay car park and drove up the country for our next show, Wildfire Festival, in Wiston, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The festival holds a beautiful spot in the wilds of south Scotland, we actually headlined this festival a couple of years ago. We arrived at the ‘Lodge’ the biggest house on the estate to be greeted by Guy Bellamy who was conducting interviews for his tremendous radio show. The show its self was great, playing to a packed tent of very appreciative fans. Here are some shots from the show…

And after the dust settled from the final note of ‘Love potion #9’ the weekend came to a close. Thank you to all the fantastic photographers, stage managers, crew, hotels, drivers and of course you our amazing fans, because without you none of this is possible! Keep rockin’ ya’ll,
Tyger Robb x

Denmark 2017
8th August 2017

On Friday the 12th of May at 09.00 o’clock in the morning we set off to Edinburgh airport for the first leg of our journey to Copenhagen in Denmark to play the Nordic Noise festival. We have never flown from this airport before and I was curious as to the set up there. When we arrived at the short stay car park our shuttle bus was waiting for us, the staff all knew who we were apparently, and after a couple of autographs we set off to the terminal building. Why do they call it ‘Terminal?’ It sounds like it’s going to be your final flight for god’s sake! There is also a new tramway that runs from the city centre and takes you right to the airport front door, very impressive. Inside, it’s very modern and hi-tech and we checked in and cleared security in a matter of minutes. Deeper into the airport, there was a shopping mall that wouldn’t look out of place in any city centre and a number of bars all serving good food and…….beer!

Mick had his, ‘Goodbye England,’ plate of chips, we had a few ales and it was time to join the queue for the flight. We flew with KLM, they are a great airline, really take care of you.

Check out the photo on the right! Love the shadow of the plane in the clouds below! Not a bad photo for an amateur…

When we arrived we were met by our driver with our tour bus and were taken to our hotel in downtown Copenhagen. My goodness WHAT a fabulous city! The hotel we were staying at was right in the city centre and quite fantastic, with its own indoor French boules court! We all met in the hotel bar around six and had a couple of drinks while waiting for our transport to take us to the first night of the festival to check it out. When we arrived, ‘Vega,’ from the UK were performing on stage, and very good they were too. Nordic Noise has been running for a few years now, and like most successful festivals it gets a little bigger each year. The Friday night wasn’t quite sold out but the Saturday night, (our night,) was completely sold out! While we were there I took the opportunity to organize who was going to do our front of house sound, (as we didn’t travel with our sound guy,) consumed the best part of a very nice bottle of house white wine, and eventually left for the comfort of the hotel bar for a few night caps! This is where we introduced Tom our manager to the world of shot drinking! To be specific, ‘Depth charges and slippery nipples!’ Look them up, nice but after ten you start to go blind! (That’s ten of each by the way!) There was a canny bar bill at the end I can tell you, anyway that took us laughing like hyenas into the wee hours and one by one our beds started to call!
Saturday morning, the sun was shining and after breakfast, Tom, Jack and I went in search of record shops. Both Jack and Tom are avid collectors of the 12 inch vinyl. The weather was so nice on the way back to the hotel we stopped to lunch on a different type of 12 inch…….. Handmade in front of you and cooked in a wood fired oven, Pizza! By heck they were good.
So, nearly show time and when arrived at the venue we were shown to our dressing room. The festival is held in a large sports hall in the centre of Copenhagen, and our dressing room was a changing room with connecting shower room within the complex. One of the pro photographers, Jakob had an idea to take some promo shots of us in the shower room, ok clean your minds, with our clothes on! Here are a couple…



Amazing what you can do in a sports centre shower room with your clothes on! And a massive ‘THANK YOU,’ to Jakob Muxoll. Now I think it’s time to mention the promoter for this event, Michael Andersen none other than the tremendous CEO of Target Records, our record company. Michael and his wife Clara were on hand to see to our every need! Amazing hosting skills, thank you so much!

So to the show, well we thought it all went pretty well! One of the reviewers said afterwards, ‘You’re going to be a hard act to follow that’s for sure!’ The crowd were awesome and we had a ball up on stage, here are some of the pro shot’s courtesy of Jakob Muxoll and John Mortensson, thanks guys…







Sunday morning and the trip home! With a quick visit to an amazing coffee and milkshake bar it was off to the airport and home to the UK. We all can’t wait to go back….

Euro Blog 2017
10th July 2017

The first leg of the European tour started in Baden, Switzerland. We flew out to Stuttgart, in Germany where our tour bus picked us up complete with Wilbert our tech and driver and Ludy our Agent and tour manager.

I’ve got to tell you these two guys are like a team of ten! The drive was only about two and a half hours to the border, where there was a German check point, then a small road bridge over a crystal clear river, a Swiss check point, and then we were officially in Switzerland! The Tygers have never been to Switzerland before so we were quite excited, especially to play for the first time to our Swiss fans. As we pulled up in front of the venue fans were trying to push Wildcat and Spellbound albums through the tour bus window for us to sign! When we finally made it to the inside of the club we were greeted by ‘Babsy,’ the show promoter who was thrilled the band was going to do their first ever show in Switzerland in ‘her’ club! The venue staff were superb and we were set up for a sound check in a matter of minutes. Our support band, ‘Headless,’ were already there. Got to tell you at this point the boys from Headless are truly fantastic, the ‘Band’ is from Italy and the singer, Góran Edman is from Sweden. Góran was at one time the singer for Yngwie Malmsteen! Ludy our TM (tour manager) was selling T-shirts before they were even unpacked!
With Switzerland conquered we moved on to the Germany. We actually stayed in Germany after the Swiss show and the next morning drove up to Nürnberg. Now, the Der Cult venue in Nürnberg is a bit special, it was an old Germany factory of some sort with lots of interesting rooms! Here’s what I found in one of them…
Keep reading….The night we played the music curfew was 22.00 because after that the club turned into a fetish night, I kid you not! So the interesting rooms were all linked to various fetishes. In one room you could be handcuffed and ‘gently’ whipped! In another room you could be ‘secured’ down and your genitalia ‘abused’ for pleasure and more…The show, (I mean our show of course!) was fantastic and the fans were unbelievable, bringing all the early vinyl to be signed as well as the newer albums. As we were leaving the venue armies of fetish clad people were arriving for some, ‘Adult fun!’ Interesting to say the least!

So on to München and the ‘Garage Deluxe’ club. What a great place, with a great reputation for hosting rock acts. The stage is in the corner of the venue, with the front of house sound man up in a ‘Turret!’ mixing the sound. Showtime and the place was packed. I never check out how busy a venue is before show time, it’s just something I don’t do. I prefer to be amazed by the constant fantastic turnout we get. Ludy after the show told us he was simply blown away by the amount of merchandise we had sold.




  By the way if you want any merch please go and log on to our web site, www.tygersofpantang.com and make your choice! Be quick, it sells faster than a pouncing Tyger! Right where were we? Oh yes, München. The day after the show was our only day off on the tour, so we were all off to the city centre. Unfortunately May 1st is a National holiday in Germany and most everything was closed and it was also raining cats and Dobermans’! The next morning was completely different with wall to wall sunshine! Five minutes out of the city on the autobahn a black BMW over takes us slows down and out of the right hand passenger side window appears a sign, ‘Polizei stop.’ We followed the car off the motorway and into an industrial estate where a young girl and young man dressed in casual clothes both got out of the car and approached us. They showed us their police I.D badges and asked if we had any drugs? Why the Police can’t source their own drugs I have no idea! Sorry I take the piss! Anyway we were searched, questioned and disapproved of and finally let go. I have to say they weren’t particularly polite or pleasant but life isn’t all flowers and chocolates is it?
The next show was in Aschaffenburg, what a great venue. It was the second time we have played there and the audience was twice the size! Really well set up and the onsite crew are totally professional. Big sound system and lighting rig to play with amazing catering for the bands, the whole deal was great from start to finish and the show wasn’t bad either!
On to Essen and the huge Turock venue, again another brilliant place to play and we filled it no problem! Here is a photo take from the merch stall by Ludy half way through the show.

And some gig photo’s…





‘May the forth be with you!’ and my birthday on the road. We pull up to the city of Ludwigsburg and the ‘Rockfabrik’ venue. Now I’ve got to tell you our dressing room actually had a bar in it, but wait a bar that was manned by a German fräulein and served you whatever drinks you wanted, whenever you wanted it as well as food. I think the expression is, ‘Died and gone to heaven!’ Show was great and the sound engineer did us proud.

The next day was the ‘Long haul’ day as we had to drive back up through Germany and into Holland, some 625 kilometres and 7 hours in the tour bus. Full marks to Will our brilliant driver and tech, Mick kept us all amused with his brilliant Paul Stanley impersonations…’Pea pole, I got to tell ya….’ We arrived in The Hague, checked into the hotel where we met up with our manager Tom who had flown out to see us. After a quick Dutch beer we made our way to the ‘Musicon,’ venue. We had an extra support band playing with us at this venue, ‘Martyr,’ Dutch heavy metal and they are really good, check them out.

Well here we are on the morning of the last gig of the tour, where has the eight days gone? Just an hour and a half and we were in Belgium at the Black Hawks motorcycle club in Hamme. Again really well run and the hospitality was superb, thank you so much Black Hawks you guys rock!
Sunday morning and we arrive at Eindhoven airport for the short ride home courtesy of Ryanair. To every person at every venue that came out to Roar with the Tygers, thank you all so much….Let’s do it all again, real soon?
Love ya’s…Robb.

Poland 2017
7th June 2017

So, Poland then? To be honest we booked our flights a little late so our routing was not as direct as we would have liked it. Glasgow to Amsterdam and then on to Krakow in Poland, our flight was about 45 minutes delayed so we arrived at our very swish 4 star hotel just as the bar was closing! Just as well we had a pint or two on the way!



Katowice is a beautiful modern European city modernising itself daily, the venue we played in was the amazingly shaped Katowice arena. Looking just like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek it was even more impressive when you went inside.


And inside, check out the bloody roof! How fantastic is that?


Now this festival hasn’t run for 8 years so the promoters were trying very hard to get it right this year to set it up again for next year. What a well run and well organized event. Hats off to Wojciech and his team, from the very impressive sound system to the incredible lighting show, Oh and our very alcoholic rider in the dressing room which we couldn’t take full advantage of as the show was a, ‘Play and go,’ one! As in, go back to the airport because our return flight was 3 hours after show time! One thing though, the Polish photographers know how to take a good shot or two! Here’s a name credit check for 3 of them…
http://muzyka.dlastudenta.pl/koncert/Metalmania_2017,161552.html  Pixey.
https://www.facebook.com/kararokita.fotografia.koncertowa/  Kara.
And here are some of the concert shots….Let’s start with the audience first!






Once again a massive thank you to all our Polish fans and especially the people who flew from Moscow to see us! My goodness we feel honoured indeed. Next up are the tales from Europe…..Stay tuned folks!

Germany and Italy 2017
4th May 2017



First shows of the year are starting to come and go thick and fast. On Friday the 3rd of March we flew out to Hamburg to play the great, Hell over Hammaburg festival. This time our guitars had their own seats on the plane so we knew they would also make the journey! When we arrived at Hamburg airport, we were met by our driver and taken to our hotel, ‘Superbude,’ in the ‘St. Georg’ region of the city. Now, as we pulled up at the hotel you kind of thought, ok ….interesting, maybe not in such a positive way but as you walked down the alley way to the hotel reception the ‘Wow!’ factor defiantly hit you. On the hotel counter as you signed in were a variety of ‘stickers.’ My favourite one said,


The hotel was a ‘theme’ hotel with lots of theme rooms. Mine was like an American skate board park, with actual skateboards as shelves in the room! With very helpful and friendly staff and an excellent, ‘help yourself,’ buffet where Mick decided to make himself some waffles. So you had to whisk the waffle mixture and pour it onto the waffle iron to cook. A novel idea and fairly straight forward you would think? Whisk and pour, whisk and pour, got it? Unfortunately not for Mick, with half the mixture on the floor and a quarter on the work top and the waffle cooking time all wrong, Mick ended up with what I can only describe as a small, twisted, alien looking slug! Never mind, he ate it!

Let’s move on…..After a couple of hours of relaxing in the hotel it was time for us all to gather in the hotel reception for the short journey to the show. As you tend to find at these German festivals they are extremely well organised and run and the staff are super friendly and very professional. A big shout out to the promoter, Wolf and all his team who helped to made this one special for us. Here are a few shots from Thomas Huntke one of the excellent pro photographers there…..




Back to the UK for a couple of weeks and then back on a plane to play some Italian shows, starting in Rome at the famous Traffic club. As we were walking down the aisle to get off the plane, the cockpit door opened and the Captain stepped out, smiled at us and started shaking our hands! Accompanied with, ‘I’m a bit of a fan boy of metal music and I love the Tygers!’ It blew us away somehow you just don’t kind of expect this from an airline Captain? But it was very nice! Luckily I had a guitar pick in my pocket which I gave him. He was delighted saying he collects them! Anyway, after a short ride in the beautiful Roman sunshine we arrived at the gig. Great venue with wild fans already there waiting for us at sound check time around 16.00 in the afternoon. Rome was ‘Roccioso,’ Prato was ‘Perfetto,’ and Brescia was ‘Belissimo.’ Italians like there hard rock that’s for sure, amazing turnouts for all the show’s, thank you so much to each and everyone one of you for coming out to ROAR with the Tyger boys…







All that’s left to say really is a big thank you to Marco EPI for the photo’s and YOU for coming out to the shows.

‘Ci vediamo alla prossima! Ciao! ‘

The 'Glad Rags' Video Shoot
2nd April 2017

This was our second time working with Flashlight films, why? Because they are great! We all met at the Newcastle O2 Academy around 11am. When I arrived the girls were already ensconced in their dressing room getting ready for their first part of the shoot in there ‘Office wear!’

Ian and Matthew, from Flashlight were busy setting up cameras and deciding on angles of shots. Craig wrote and created the story board for the video and was essentially the director. So the video starts with the office clock showing ‘home time,’ and the girls leaving work for the day. The girls then ‘discard’ their work clothes for their ‘Glad Rags,’ and the fun begins….


We morph into the girls…


And the girls become ‘US!’

So what are ‘Glad Rags?’ well, very simply they are your favourite clothes in your wardrobe that, when you put them on they make you feel ‘King of the castle,’ ‘Top of the world,’ or just downright fantastic! This video was just so much fun to make and please watch it to the end where we ‘visit’ our very own Tyger Blood pub and down a few tins while rocking out!
Enjoy the footage and don’t forget to share the video as well. Here are a few more shots from the shoot, all were taken by our very good friend and exceptional photographer,
John Philip Bowen, (JP).





And the end of the show, show picture! ‘Cheers!’
Here’s the link to the video on You Tube….Go on, have a look.

Till the next time my little ‘Tygeretts’……

25th January 2017


And there’re off! First show of the year, which saw us headlining this great festival in Portugal. But what a trip! Better put the kettle on, Once upon a time starts here….Our first flight was from Manchester airport at 06.15 am to Brussels. We set off from Craig’s and drove across the M62 to Manchester. The 62 crosses the Pennine hills, (the backbone of England) and consequently the road is well above sea level. What’s my point? Fog! Thick bloody fog. As we neared the airport it wasn’t getting any better. We checked in the guitars and bags and made for the bar for some breakfast. See you thought I was going to say a pint!



Well we had one of those as well! We boarded our flight 10minutes late and then sat on the plane for a further 40 minutes because of fog. Then came an announcement from the Captain saying although we were clear to take off we would have to wait a further 20 minutes to see if the weather was going to get any better in Brussels as it was snowbound at that airport! 70 minutes late and we were off up into the blue skies of Grand Britannia, ebbing our way to the continent. When we landed at Brussels, as we entered the arrivals gate they were doing the final call for our next flight to Lisbon! We ran, that’s all I can say, we ran….as we made the departure gate the young lad from Brussels Airlines was closing it! Everyone was already on the plane and we did the walk of shame down the centre aisle, even though it wasn’t our fault we were late. So let’s go, come on let’s go...Bing bong, “Ladies and Gentleman we are currently waiting in a queue of planes to be de-iced before takeoff. We expect this will take an hour!” FFS! Finally we were de-iced and off to sunny Portugal.



On arrival we passed through passport control and went to pick up our guitars. After an hour’s wait we approached the staff and asked them to check where our guitars were. ‘Still in Brussels,’ was the reply, oh hell! Brussels Airlines cocked up well and truly and the next flight to Portugal from Brussels would be too late for us to receive them before our show. So we did the paperwork and set off on our 3 hour drive to Mangualde, the city where the festival was. We managed to borrow two guitars and a bass for the show from two bands that were on earlier in the day. A big thank you to Jose Rocha, the festival owner and Pedro our driver for looking after us like kings!










A big shout out for our fantastic Portuguese photographers please, Francisco Figueiredo and Pedro Sales.

We arrived back at the hotel around 02.30 and hit the sack! At 05.00am my phone rang and woke me up, it was Brussels Airlines, asking if we wanted our guitars sending to Lisbon! “No, no, no, I have already had this conversation with you! We agreed you would send them to Manchester today!” So I asked what time flight they would be on and was told 10.00am. I then asked where we should pick them up from and was told the baggage re-claim window in Manchester airport. We set off to the airport after breakfast at 07.00am. Everything was going swimmingly until we left the departure gate at Lisbon airport and boarded the bus to take us to the aircraft on the runway…On arrival at the stairs of the plane we waited on the bus for the go-ahead to disembark and board the aircraft. We waited and waited and waited, some 45 minutes passed by with two busloads of people standing, waiting, getting hacked off! We finally were told the Captain’s seat had a bolt missing and he would not fly the plane unless it was fixed! So both busses drove back to the terminal and we climbed the stairs back to the departure lounge. ONE MINUTE later they announced the departure of the bloody flight again! Everybody got back on the bus and we were driven back to the waiting plane. On arrival in Manchester we went to the baggage claim desk we were told too and presented our retrieval baggage documents…”Sir, your guitars are not here! Well they ARE in the UK, but not here! No one told us to keep them so they have been sent to our holding centre several miles away to be delivered to your home address later this week!” Annoyed? The boys managed to scrape me off the ceiling…You couldn’t make it up, you really couldn’t. Thank god the show in Portugal was off the scale which made up for our calamitous weekend. Portugal is an amazing place and we can’t wait to go back and do some more shows…with our own guitars!



Well it’s been a while since I wrote a blog, but there’s no better time than the present to put that right! Speaking of presents, I hope you all got what you deserved! Well you know what I mean. So where do we start? I think the last instalment was about the shooting of, ‘Only the Brave’ video and our new beer being brewed for us called, ‘Tyger Blood’ by Box Social Brewery up here in Newcastle upon Tyne. (More on this later.) So the British tour happened, with the opening night at the Cluny venue, here in our home town. It was sold out as you would expect in our home town, and at this point we would like to thank all the crazy Geordie Tygertastic people that came to the show. Our road trip took us to wild Wigan, loud London, barmy Bilston, hot ‘n’ heavy Hull, monstrous Merthyr Tydfil, balls to the wall Barnsley and finishing up in electric Edinburgh! Every show was fantastic and rest assured we will be back to pick up where we left off…So to the pictures


As you can see we love the ‘Live.’ And we get to meet so many brilliant people along the way! The last night of the tour was in Edinburgh at Bannermans. Please give it up for Steve and Carole who, at the last minute stepped in and manned our merch stall and did us proud! Also I would like to personally thank our wonderful photographers who always seem to capture the terrific side of the Tygers.

Scott Clarke
Darren Thompson
Ian Lovell
Doug Stafford

If you ever need an amazing photographer look up one of these guys on face book and you won’t go far wrong!



And so the dust settles on the end of the tour and we earn ourselves a couple of weeks off. The next and final show of the year was a new festival called Winterstorm in Troon, Ayrshire, West Scotland.

Jack as usual flew in to Stanstead from Florence on the morning of the show, we picked him up at Darlington train station and set off across the A66 to the other side of the country and then head up north on the M6 to Scotland. Half an hour into our journey we ground to a halt in a huge traffic jam. We waited for what seemed like an eternity in our tour bus tuning into the radio to find out what had happened. The DJ on Radio 2 said there had been a very bad RTA (road traffic accident) and the A66 would be closed for several hours while the air ambulance attended. So we turned around and headed back to where we started from trying to find a different route, all the time our travelling time and appearance spot were running out! We called the promoter at Winterstorm and asked if we could swop spots with the next band due on after us, to which we were told that was going to be the plan. We were originally due on stage at 17.55, we then were swopped to 19.00. At 18.20 as we were arriving we received a call saying there would be no swop with the next band and as soon as we arrived we were on stage! That gave us a show time of 23 minutes! After our live performance everyone we spoke to said why weren’t we swopped with the next band so as the fans could enjoy both bands full set’s? After all it was the paying public, the fans, who were suffering at the hands of somebody who made this piss poor decision! The promoter was very gracious and immediately after our performance offered us a return slot at next year’s Winterstorm festival. We declined the offer of staying overnight at the 5 star hotel they provided for us as I knew I would not be able to keep my mouth shut with regard to the earlier ridiculous time slot decision. So Winterstorm people, we will see you later this year!



Well, what else is new? Lots….Our Tyger Blood beer has sold out 3 times! Each brew is around 1440 pints and it’s all gone! Somebody’s got the taste for it! Ross, the main man from Box Social Brewery is on the case producing the next batch, it’s also on its way to Copenhagen and Germany with talks going on at the moment with the USA.



Box Social Brewery have also just opened up their very own ‘Micro Pub’ in Newcastle City centre. It’s essentially a micro beer rock bar and since it opened on December the 6th it’s been packed out every night. On Friday the 27th of January Box Social are having a Tyger Blood promotion night at their new establishment and are brewing us a ‘Special’ strength beer called, ‘Imperial Tyger Blood,’ and it’s going to be 9% proof! If you live in the Newcastle area and want to come along and meet the band and have a pint stick the date in your diary!



Here are a few dates announced so far, bear in mind there are still to be announced dates for Asia, and the UK plus more!

7th January 2017 - Hard Metal Fest -  Mangualde, Portugal
3rd March 2017 - Hell Over Hamburg -  Hamburg, Germany
30th March 2017  - Traffic - Rome, Italy
31st March 2017 - Exenzia - Prato, Italy
1st April 2017  - Circolo - Brescia, Italy
22nd April 2017 - MetalMania Festival - Katowice, Poland
28th April 2017 - Brunners Rock Night - Baden, Switzerland
29th April 2017 - Der Cult - Nürnberg, Germany
30th April 2017 - Garage Deluxe - München, Germany
2nd May 2017 - Colos Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany
3rd May 2017 - Turock - Essen, Germany
4th May 2017 - Rockfabrik - Ludwigsburg, Germany
5th May 2017 - Musicon Den  - Haag, Netherlands
6th May 2017  - Rockfest Halle - Hamme, Belgium
13th May 2017 - Nordic Noise Festival - Copenhagen, Denmark
15th September 2017  - Storm Crusher Festival - Wurz, Germany

Here are a few more killer shots….





On the 17th of January we are going to be shooting our new video for the next single, ‘Glad Rags.’ Flashlight Films are making it for us again, there last one they did for us had over 100,000 views on You Tube! I can’t give too much away but, dancing girls, smoke and mirrors that’s just the start!

So all that’s left for me to say is…..

I hope you have had a fabulous festive break and the Tygers hope to see you at one of our shows this year, wherever we are!

Love and respect to you all…

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