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Blog, Blog, Blog
13th September 2016

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in publishing this next blog, it’s all gone a bit mad here at Tygers HQ! We now have our own IPA (India Pale Ale!) made for us by the fantastic people at Box Social Brewery here in Newcastle. It’s 5%, clear dark red in colour and has a slight fruity after taste. What’s not to like about that? With sales already in the USA, Denmark and Germany, let’s hope it makes its way to the other corners of the world! Hopefully it will be available in most of the venues we play, on our October UK tour which starts on the 21st at the Cluny in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The first single, “Only the Brave,” taken from our new studio album, (not out till the 21st of October) was released on Friday the 9th of September. There is a new video to accompany the single, and as I write this blog 48 hours after its release it has had over 12,500 views on YouTube! The video shoot was done at the O2 academy in Newcastle by the Flashlight film company. Matthew, Ian and their assistants did an amazing job capturing our ‘moves’ in the filming of the ‘Only The Brave’ video. Here are a few stills from the shoot…


Let’s backtrack to last month…August the 6th we flew out to Rome where we then travelled on to Cercemaggiore, in the south of Italy to play the Baloma Bikers Festival. As always the Italians have marvellous hosting skills and look after you like kings! From the 5star hotel to the pre show banquet meal my goodness it was “Stupefacente!” We travelled with Stefano the Italian agent who set up the show and he kept us amused with his very funny jokes and stories from life on the road as a tour manager and a booking agent. Also on the same bill as us at the festival were our very good friends, ‘ODS,’ (Oliver Dawson Saxon.) It’s always nice to catch up with Graham and Steve, they are without doubt two of the nicest boys in rock ‘n’ roll today.

And a few snaps from the show…..



So that was Italy, big shout out to Stefano Panaro for the fantastic photos and the great review by Metal Force magazine. We were only back in the UK for 5 days and we were off again, this time to Alicante, in Spain to play the huge Leyendas Del Rock festival in Villena. Once again the hospitality was superb, staying in a 4 star Holiday Inn near the airport, the staff fell over themselves to look after us, ‘Thank you so much boys and girls!’

We flew out to Spain on the day of the show, so as soon as we got there it was lunch, a few beers at the bar, shower and off to the festival. Tom our manager came out to Spain with us along with Ludy our agent and his wife Tiny. We had a co-headline spot with Flotsam and Jetsam (from the States) on the Mark Reale stage. At 20.20 exactly the Tygers hit the stage…..


Once again a big thank you to the photographers at, ‘Metal Journal,’ for the wonderful pictures. Here are a couple of shots taken by Tiny from the drum riser at the end of the show…not a bad turn out for a Friday neet! (That’s Geordie for night by the way!)


What’s next? Well we fly out to Holland on the 8th of October to headline Rotterdam Rocks with our great friends Tokyo Blade, also playing are Rebelstar and several other hot hard rock acts.

Then on to Belgium to play a great hard rock club called, ‘De Verlichte Geest,’ in Roeselare on the 9th of October. Back to the UK for a final rehearsal before the Album launch party in Newcastle upon Tyne on the 20th of October and the first show on the 21st of October at the Cluny music venue in our home town of Newcastle. Our opening band is absolutely a must to see. Twister are new and full of youthful high energy, they have a new single out and an album, miss them at your peril, I’ll be in the front row!


So are we going to be graced with your esteemed company at any of the shows? I bloody hope so…..x you think!) ‘Rock hard, ‘cause a soft rock is no use to anyone!’

July 2016 Blog
14th July 2016


So, how the hell are you? The last few blogs have all been about touring so it’s time to change the record so to speak! As you know our year started off in Blast Recording Studio’s, here in the North East of England where we laid down the foundations for the next Tygers album.

I’m now very pleased to report as of today, July 1st, the new
Tygers of Pan Tang record is now mixed and mastered and ready to go to manufacturing. All the original recording was undertaken by the incredible engineering talents of Mark Broughton who we borrowed from Andy Taylor (Duran Duran.) (Mark is involved with Andy’s new forthcoming album)

And on the recommendation of Soren Andersen who mixed our album at Medley Studios in Denmark, the final mixes were sent to Harry Hess from, ‘HBomb Mastering,’ in Canada.

‘He’s the best around,’ Soren said, and who are we to disagree? Within 24 hours the mastered tracks were sent to Canada, mastered, and came back from Canada. All I’m going to say is WOW just WOW! Release date has been set by the record company for the 21st of October, which is also the opening night of our British tour, here in Newcastle at the Cluny venue.

Our year to date has taken us from Skegness to Rio and beyond! To be precise, the UK, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Holland, Belgium, America and Spain so far, with Italy, Spain and the British tour in October coming up! Oh and a festival in Scotland in November. I thought we would do a ‘Selfie’ blog this time, so here are some of our Selfie moments....


So life in Tygerland is busy at the moment to say the least. New endorsement deals with Laney, Marshall, Suhr, Mooer, Warman Pickups and Cassidy Guitars are empowering the Tygers to new heights. We have a completely new live set with 4 songs from the new album to ‘Try out,’ on you. ‘Glad Rags,’ is an audience participation song (sing along) so bring your loudest voices please, I’ll be listening! And making sure you’re not miming! Now here is my sermon, Amen!

I have seen a huge decline in ‘turn out’ at live concert venues over the last 25 years. Even the ‘big’ bands are finding it hard in this financial climate. If we don’t go out to live shows, two things happen...bands will stop touring and venues will shut down. Both options are very sad as I’m sure you will agree, so if you fancy a gig, a show, a play or even just going to the ‘Flicks,(The cinema, for those younger people reading this!)
DO IT! Don’t say to yourself ‘I fancy that,’ and then do nothing about it, buy your ticket, by hook or by crook, borrow the money, eat beans for a week, do what you have to do to go to that event and have a bloody good time! The Tygers LOVE meeting people after the shows, so if that makes the difference, go buy your ticket NOW for one of our shows in the up and coming British tour and come and meet us, please. We absolutly love you guys and girls want this British tour to be the best ever.

Until the next blog...... ‘You Rock, We Roar’

1st June 2016

Destination...Chicago, Illinois and a headline appearance at the,
Ragnarokk Metal Apocalypse Festival.

We were delighted to be asked to play at this festival as the Tygers have never set foot in the States in 38 years! With a short flight from Newcastle to Dublin and then a connecting flight to O’Hare international airport in Chicago the mood was one excitement and anticipation! From the feedback we were getting from fans over there the festival was selling out just because our name was added to the bill! No pressure then....

Aer Lingus did us proud and the 8 hour flight passed away in a flash! Mind it was helped along with several Stella’s, some white wine, and a couple of good movies! Our route was via Newfoundland and then south, the views out the window were stunning and when it came to crossing Lake Michigan, wow! Let me tell you that’s no small pond! It’s a fresh water lake the size of the North Sea, absolutely vast.


45 minutes on the train/metro and we were in the hub of the city. Huge, big, grand, all these words spring to mind, this is what I was expecting vibrant, and somehow enchanting, full of high rise and interesting architecture. Many, many blockbuster films and TV series have been filmed here and you can see why given the fantastic backdrop of the city buildings. We made our way down to the water front of Lake Michigan to get a real feel of the place... 





And from the waterfront we made our way to the festival venue to meet Jerry who was going to be our tech for the performance. Jerry also supplied our guitars and effects, thanks man, great job!


Now at the rear of the venue there were three vintage buses. These are used to transport people from this venue (as a meeting point) to other major rock events. They are all from the sixties, in perfect working order, hand painted and just amazing.


And now the live stuff...A big shout out to Mike Podrybau for his very talented photography.



The end of the show shot, every one of you in this photo are crazy Tyger mutherfuxkers! Thank you all so much for your faith and support, we WILL be back.....


The Tyger boys with the flag of the city of Chicago....


Thank you to Odin and Bob and all crew who made this happen. We had a ball! Until the next time America, (which won’t be as long as you think!) ‘Rock hard, ‘cause a soft rock is no use to anyone!’

Holland And Belgium
27th April 2016

So.....72 hours later, (after arriving home in our beloved Newcastle-upon-Tyne from South America) it was back to Manchester international airport to fly to Eindhoven in Holland for two European shows.

Our ‘Man with a van’ was Wilbert, who was also our driver and tech for the two days. Will was right on the ball, a great tech and a really nice person, see you soon Will!

The first show was in Stadskanaal, in the north east of Holland at the Fox nightlife rock club. What a fantastic venue, right in the middle of the city with a huge canal running right alongside. Our friend Hugo Koch and his band, ‘Burning’ opened up for us and at the same time, launching their new album, ‘Nightmares.’ My great friend and even greater photographer, Markus Hagner came to the show to take some shots....some of the best I’ve seen in a long while. Thank you, thank you, and thank you Markus!


The venue was just a real pleasure to play, great stage set up, great lights, PA, monitors and a nice big dressing room where we had our own space to, ‘Let it all hang out,’ Very important at my age! After a few bottles of one of my favourites, ‘Jupiler’ beer and a little bit of ‘Nosing’ around we found a cupboard full of ‘Props,’ and what do you with props?

Try them on of course! Kids, can’t live with them, can’t live without them! I guess we’re all just naughty boys at heart! Anyway, three hundred plus people crammed into the Fox to see the show and everyone was in good voice. Here’s a few of Markus Hagner’s shots....






Yet another great night for the Tygers, made special for us by our amazing fans. Thank you all so much...

Then back to the Hotel t’Zwanenmeer, a fantastic family owned hotel, quite local to the show. With a few good night caps it was off to the land of the one take guitar solos!! (I know it doesn’t exist but that’s what dreams are for!) Breakfast was fantastic, and much needed and then all aboard the Wilbert express to Genk in Belgium, for the next show. We were in Belgium by mid afternoon and checked into our Hotel. After a quick freshen up we decided to check out the local delights of Genk. Early evening Mick and I were back at Hotel Arte restringing our guitars for the show. Our headline spot was quite late so we didn’t need to leave the Hotel till ten. As we walked in the door of the venue we could see it was a full house at the Iron Steel Festival IV. So off to the dressing room to settle in and have a drink.....or two! The festival was running an hour late so our stage time was half midnight and just before 2am we left the stage. Once again the audience was amazing, a big shout out for our great photographers, Gerald Visions and Erwin Poppe.


Apart from Wilbert our driver/tech, we had our great friend and international booking agent on the road with us, Ludy Wetzl from Eternal Rock Agency.

Until the next time tygerlings........x

South America 2016
8th April 201


So the adventure starts for 2016. First, was the ‘Blast Recording’ Studio sessions to record the new album then, ‘The Great British Rock and Blues Festival’ in January at Skegness, and on March the 9th we flew out to Rio de Janerio to start the Brazilian leg of the South American tour.


Now you would think that all things rock ‘n’ roll should run smoothly, given that this has been in the management planning schedule for nearly a year. Well you know when you just get that feeling in your water that something..... Our first flight was from Manchester to Charles-de-Gaule airport. When we arrived in Paris they were announcing over the PA that the flight for Rio was closing and all remaining passengers should proceed immediately to gate 28! Bearing in mind we were told we had to clear a further baggage security check, and find gate 28 the heat was on to make the connecting flight. As they were closing the flight I arrived saying our previous flight was a little late and could they wait for my friends? As we boarded the plane, it was like a walk of shame, passing down the plane isle to our seats, as the whole Airbus 380 was fully loaded and everyone was waiting for US so as the plane could leave! It wouldn’t be so bad if we did our usual and were drinking in the bar! But there wasn’t time to catch your breath never mind anything else! So off we took and 12 hours later the fantastic sights of Rio appeared below us.

With a smooth landing, we proceeded through passport control and on to claim our bags. And there was the second problem, some of our bags didn’t make it! WHAT? We were told two of the bags weren’t loaded on the plane in Paris and they would be with us the next morning. What else could go wrong? Well lots actually...We cleared customs and proceeded to the airport exit to be picked up and taken to the hotel. Our day at this point was running at 21 hours with no sleep! To our horror no one was there to pick us up! We rang the promoter to find his phone went straight to answer machine. Then our co-headline band, Picture, from Holland arrives on the scene! The promoter finally shows nearly 45 minutes late! Ok let’s go...The tour bus arrives out the front of the Airport and to our horror we find out it’s too small to accommodate both bands and our guitars and bags. Oh and just to pour a little more fuel on the fire the 5 star hotel we were supposed to be staying at had been changed to a 2 star apartment!

But we’re British (well most of us in the Tygers!) so we march on unfazed... The next day some of the boys were up and out to see the sights of Rio and then it was on to the first show.

Rio has the reputation of being one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolises in the world and boy is there a lot going on! That morning Jack and I walked along a stretch of Copacabana beach and watched an international handball tournament, ok we might have stopped to have a beer or two on the way...It was the end of Brazil’s summer yet it was still 30 odd degrees, with the locals saying it was feeling quite cold! To a crusty old Geordie like me you could cook eggs on the pavement!

Show time came around, the tour bus picked us up and it was off to work! (Well you can’t be sunning yourself on the beach all day when there’s ‘A’ and ‘E’ chords to be played and people to entertain can you?) It’s true what they say, the Brazilian rock fans ARE crazy for their music. What a fantastic opening night for us, a full house of mad hard rock, denim clad hombres!


I think just about everyone in the audience wanted to meet us after the show, so it was a late one getting back to the apartment. Next day we were off at 09.00 to the airport to fly to Curitiba via Sao Paulo, for the next show. So we arrived at the venue to find out it was still under construction! We took residence in the bar over the road and watched.....Oh and had a steak and some Brazilian Brahmas beer on draft! The show was fantastic and as always the fans made it so special for us. You guys and girls know who you are! Indeed at every show there was always a fantastic collection of fans waiting for both bands to arrive.


Back to the hotel couple of post gig drinks then a well deserved rest....sleep! The next day saw us travelling in the tour bus to Limeira, an 8 hour drive at best. We learned very quickly that Brazil is a huge country and no city is close to each other! We actually were late in arriving and the venue, ‘Bar da Montanha,’ was already full to capacity. So it was action stations to get the show ready and ‘Roar’ for our Limeira fans!

Another great, and unforgettable night thank you so much people of Limeira for giving us your Rock’n’Roll hearts for the night. So on to the next city, Sao Paulo. The city is so big when you pass the Sao Paulo signs it’s still an hour to get to the heart of the action! We were staying at the 5 star ‘Golden Tower’ hotel with its 15th floor open air swimming pool and fantastic city views!


Not that we tend to stay in ‘Shoe box in t middle of road’ establishments, but this one was a bit special. So was the show to be honest, nearly sold out with over a thousand extra crazy Brazilians’ shouting, ‘Tygers, Tygers, Tygers’ after every song, as well as singing more words to the songs than I know!

It was also Michael’s birthday and the audience at Jacks request, sang a very loud ‘Happy Birthday,’ to Michael, a night he won’t forget too quickly!




Back to the ‘Golden Towers,’ where Jack, Craig and I sank a few glasses of wine, as a sleeping aid you understand! The next day it was another 7 hour drive to Londrina where we were to have our 3 days off! We found an amazing ‘Barbers,’ shop there, it was like going back in time, with real leather barber chairs and cut throat razors!


Gav also had a tattoo done in Londrina by a famous Brazilian tattoo artist. The tattoo is symbolic of Brazilian folklore.
• Saci Pererê – this one-legged youngster is certainly one of the most popular characters of Brazilian folklore. He is mischievous and is blamed for anything that goes wrong. The Saci is known as a con artist that can disappear and reappear at will. Whoever can grab his red cap is granted a wish by the Saci, but legend has it that the cap’s smell is so bad, you may never rid yourself of it!

Thursday morning we set off to drive to Paraguay at 8am in the morning, yes you read that right DRIVE to Paraguay! Well it’s only 13 hours by road after all, I mean who wants to fly and be there in 3? Well I say 13 hours more like 16! From Londrina to the border, (Brazil / Paraguay) we did it in six hours. At the border we were met by our Paraguayan hosts and we transferred to a rather slow tour bus which took a further 10 hours to get us to our hotel in the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion, just after midnight! The Paraguayan boys were very gracious and apologised for the long trek. We were taken out for some food, which was very nice but it was 01.30 in the morning and we had to wait for seats in the restaurant as it was packed, at that time in the morning!
Interestingly enough as we drove through border control it appeared to be an open border as hundreds of trucks, motor bikes and cars were moving through not being checked by anyone. Some three hours later we were stopped on the highway (I use the word loosely!) by the Paraguayan Highway Patrol. The conversation went something like this, I’ll translate for you...
“Papers please?” Our Driver showed him his documents.
“You haven’t had them stamped at the border, why?”
“We just drove through like everyone else.”
“No you must have your papers stamped, you have to go back to the border NOW! Get out the bus we can talk.” And after 10 minutes of discussion and a ‘Payment,’ we were on our way! Oh and a little bit later on the journey Gav announced he needed to go to the bathroom sooner rather than later. The driver stopped eventually and Gav leapt out the bus side door and ran into the field next to us. With a few grunts and then an “Fxxk!” I asked if he was alright. “No, I’m not, I’m sinking and shitting!” He had only chosen unbeknown to him, to ‘Fertilize,’ in a type of quick sand/mud found in this local paradise! When he arrived back at the bus Gav was covered in mud, least we hoped it was mud!
So to the show and our sound check was at 18.00, then 19.00 then 20.00, they move at lightning speed! Actually the crew was very good and all spoke remarkably good English. Stage time was 00.30 and it was still 34 degrees Celsius! With the added heat of the stage lights it was without doubt the hottest show I have ever played in 39 years. Yet more crazy Latin Americans made our night very memorable indeed!


It was just after 02.00am when we left the stage absolutely exhausted. I still managed a couple of glasses of wine and we were taken out to eat around 04.00am, (miss a free meal, never!) Bed at 05.00am, up at 08.00am and off to the intercity bus station in Asuncion, Paraguay for our trek back to Foz do Iguacu, just inside the Brazilian border in readiness for our early morning flight to Sao Paulo and then on to Bogotá in Colombia for our final show of the tour.


When we were leaving the flight from Foz do Iguacu to Sao Paulo the Captain of the T.A.M. airways plane was waiting to meet us as we were alighting. Why? It only turns out he is a big fan of the Tygers! What a really nice guy, he wanted to have a ‘Selfie’ with us in his ‘Office’


After all the various border checks entering Colombia we were off to the show in our V8 Chevy tour bus! Another hot night with crazy locals’ headbanging till their necks nearly snap! After the show we headed back to the ‘Bogotá Palace,’ our residence for the night. Very clever use of the word ‘Palace’ I think the hotel should have been called the ‘Bogotá... ,’ but we’ll leave that one there! Silvio our promoter offered to buy those were hungry some late night / early morning food. Some of the boys went out with him to the local takeaway at around 03.00am. While their food was being cooked a local walks in armed with a sub machine gun, has a look around and walks back out again, nice to know you’re safe!! The next morning it was off to the airport and our return flight home from Bogotá, Columbia to Paris, France and then Paris to Manchester and drive home to Newcastle. So all in all from start to finish we travelled a total of 17,623 miles in 13 days! Below is our ‘Goodbye’ photo with our friends, ‘Picture’ from Holland and Silvio the tour promoter, taken outside Bogota airport.


Of course we would like to say HUGE thanks to Silvio Rocha and Open the Road Agency for the opportunity to tour Brazil, Paraguay and Columbia and our fantastic co-hosts Picture from Holland for being our brothers for 13 days, and all the crazy metal head fans for supporting us and coming to the live shows in there hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. We salute you South America....But more importantly, we love you!


A BIG thank you to all our fantastic photographers who made it into my blog....
Rafael Melo
Fernando Pires
KUBO Metal

Cassidy Guitars
11th March 2016

As a recording artist and a touring musician, you get offered all sorts of products to promote and use at your own discretion as an endorsee. Some are good some are great and once in a while you happen across something that truly rocks your boat! In January of this year 2016, Tom our manager calls me up to tell me he has been in touch with a local guitar manufacturer in the North East of England who makes middle to top end guitars and the owner, Simon Cassidy, was interested in working with us. Loving a bit of guitar porn I jumped at the chance and went straight on their web site to check them out. www.cassidyguitars.co.uk 

I contacted Simon and we talked for ages about all things guitars. Then, after a formal invite I went down to meet Simon at his workshop in Darlington to try out some of his ‘Stock’ items. We talked about the upcoming new Tygers album and what I was planning to use guitar wise to record with in the studio. Simon very kindly offered to supply me with a custom shop Les Paul (UKCB LP1) and one of his top end acoustics’ (CA 751C) for the studio sessions.

This was ‘my corner’ in the control room at Blast studio, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne.

These guitars are the real deal, at this point your going to be saying to yourselves, ‘What’s he getting out of it, he’s bound to say that.’ Well let me assure you that’s just not the case, these guitars are incredible. They are not cheap end copies, they are expensive, purpose made for the job guitars and all the high end components to make these guitars have been very carefully sourced.
So what do you get for you money?

Well there are four ranges of instruments .Cassidy CE, Bluesville, Axeman, and Cassidy UKCB. I’m not going to lead you through them all, your homework for the day is to logon to the Cassidy guitar web site and ‘Fill your boots!’ Within the four categories there are electric, bass and acoustic guitars for every style of playable music!

With the top end range, (UKCB) all the woods are carefully selected from various parts of the world, (you can choose your own as well.) You decide the finish, the brand of pickups you want and all the hardware. You also decide on the binding and neck inlays, nothing is too much of a problem!

While mine was being made Simon took a few workshop photos as a, ‘Work in progress!’
So to the neck, and some serious fret work! Not THAT kind of fret work, this kind....

Because I like my Les Paul’s to have three pickup’s I asked Simon if he could add the extra pup for me. Here is the original body, stripped of all hardware before the surgery!

Pickup area all marked up for the cutting out process....careful with that blade!

And with the three Seymour Duncan pickups fitted...

The headstock had to be carefully reemed out to accommodate the Gotoh machine heads.

Then it was time to fit the
fantastic quality Vintage Styled Gotoh Locking machine heads to the Cassidy Les Paul headstock. Very clever design these Gotoh’s, fit the string, half a wind on the tuning button and the string is locked. How good is that!

This is going to be the prototype Tygerman signature model. We have already done some planning for the full signature model with even more features! Wait till you see that one at the end of the year!

Once everything’s been checked and double checked then it’s time for the all important assembly stage.

Here are the very impressive spec’s.....
(These are mine, but you can have what you want!)
Solid Mahogany 3 piece body
Half inch Canadian flame maple cap
Mahogany set neck
Indian rosewood fret board
Abalone trapezoid neck and headstock inlays
Gotoh SD 90 MG machine heads (1:15 ratio)
Gotoh 510 FA locking bridge and tail piece
One Seymour Duncan, JB SH-4 (16.6k output) humbucker to bridge
Two Seymour Duncan, Jazz SH-2n (7.5k output) humbuckers neck and middle
Switch craft selector switch
Orange drop capacitor
500k CTS pots, 3 volumes and 1 tone
Vintage braded wiring
Perspex viewing back plates
Custom engraved truss rod cover

And of course, the finished article.....

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Simon and all the team at Cassidy guitars for all their input and hard work.


22nd February 2016


When we were added to this bill late last year we didn’t realise we would be just starting our third week in the studio, recording the new album! The festival wanted us to headline the Sunday night but as we were in the studio early the next morning we asked to headline the afternoon instead. Believe it or not it’s a 5 hour drive from the North East to Skegness. With 90 miles (150km) of single track road! With careful planning we arrived at 12.30, and I must say all the staff were very friendly and helpful and with a quick load in it was time to relax with a line of coke!

As you can see I’ve already had some of it but with such a big line......

Our great friend Sally Newhouse, photographer extraordinaire, met us and started clicking straight away! Now I have to say the venue we were told holds about 2500 people and when we hit the stage at 15.00, 2200 people gave up there Sunday afternoon to be Tygerized! A MASSIVE thank you to every man, woman and child who made our day!

Here are a couple of the reviews from the show....

Gig review: GREAT BRITISH ROCK & BLUES FESTIVAL – Skegness, 22-24 January 2016
"One thing that is decidedly missing over the weekend was some decent hard rock but thankfully Tygers of Pan Tang hit Reds and redressed the balance. Robb Weir and Jacopo Meille worked the crowd as they kicked out ‘Euthanasia’, ‘Rock Candy’ and ‘Gangland’ to an enthusiastic crowd. Certainly one of the best bands over the weekend."

"The Whitley Bay heavy-metal outfit Tygers Of Pan Tang entertained us with a super-sophisticated and ultra-slick stage show too. They were on at the ‘rock stage’ at the REDS. Robb Weir was still slicing the air with those acidic whiplash-licks and ‘Jackie’ Meille roared-out some terrific vocals."

Thank you to all those great journalists and to Sally and Keith Newhouse for the fantastic pictures.....

We had an absolute blast, thank you one and all for turning our Sunday afternoon into an unforgettable memory.....

22nd December 2015

“So Christmas is upon us,
And the Tygers are burning bright,
Suzie Smiled and said ‘Don’t touch me there’,
And a loud ROAR shook the night!”

To finish off our year, we decided to play four Xmas shows in the northern part of the UK. We started off in Doncaster at the ‘Leopard,’ an established venue on today’s rock circuit. What a cracking ‘smaller’ venue to play, with a great sound guy and fantastic staff. “It’s a big ten from Len!” well us actually! Here is one of Mick’s famous selfie’s taken in the dressing room 30 seconds before show time!

And an onstage shot.....

Thank you Doncaster, we’ll be back! And after a very pleasant stay nearby in the Wakefield Citilodge Hotel, it was up, breakfast at Greggs the bakers and a quick look around the music shops before heading up the road, (in gale force winds) to sunny Hartlepool. The Studio in Hartlepool is run by mainly volunteers, and what a marvellous job they do. The staff are young, keen and eager to please. A big ‘Thank you,’ to our support band ‘Saints of War,’ who have a great future ahead of them.
‘Well done lads’

Also at the show were Barry and Linda McMinn from the Mayfair Mall Zine and ‘The Rock Vows radio show’, who reviewed the gig. Here are a few words from the review...
“A band we never get tired of seeing perform live are the marvellous Tygers of Pan Tang, a band that always gets you on your feet and rocking. We headed over to The Studio in Hartlepool to catch them on their UK Winter tour.” The rest of the review can be read at; www.themayfairmallzine.com then home for the night for a few Zzzz’s before heading to the Celtic border!
It’s Sunday morning in sunny Tyneside, and that means it’s on the road too bonny Scotland! With only a two and a bit hour drive and a quick stop for haggis and chips, the great castle of Edinburgh soon came into sight.

Bannermans venue was to be the host for tonight’s Tygers concert. We arrived late afternoon to find it was a busker’s event in the bar. A quick pint and a listen to the very talented boys and girls who were performing their hearts out to a very attentive and packed bar! The venue for bands is at the back of the building and we were set up and ready to sound check in no time.
Here is a promo picture taken on stage at Bannermans for my Laney endorsement at the sound check.

Christian, Bannerman’s main man couldn’t do enough for us, ‘We salute you sir!’ and as for the fantastic and very noisy audience, you guys rawk! After a late drink and pepperoni, garlic and chilli pizza up in the band apartment Bannermans provided for us it was time to hit the sack ready for our six hour drive to the Black Country, in the west midlands.
The last show of the run was at the ‘Robin2’ in Bilston near Wolverhampton, a lovely big old venue.

We had a fantastic turn out, so a big shout out to all who came. I met up with some old friends, Perry and Linda, Gav had a special guest, Mick met our good friend, Simon from Laney amplification which left Jack and our Craig, ‘Billy no mates!’ Only kidding! Here is Mick, Simon Frazer-Clark and myself....

And the live shots, courtesy of MV Photographic Imaging.....

And some signing and the end of the show....

To everyone who came, wanted to come and is going to come next time, THANK YOU for your undying support for the band.
The TYGERS would like to wish each and every one of you, all the very best for Christmas 2015 and a very happy and prosperous new year 2016.

“We Roar, you Rock!!” X

The Tygers would also like to say a monster “Ta very much like” to Richieroo our tour manager for looking after us so well. “Daddies got ya!” and thank you, thank you, thank you to Tom our new(ish) business manager for his help and guidance through all the music business bullshit that surrounds us!
Roll on 2016.....

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