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While Lines 12" Single
12th April 2019

Brand new and burning hot single from Tygers Of Pan Tang.

“White Lines” is the first single and music video from the upcoming album “Ritual” to be released in November 2019. This is the long anticipated new album after the 2016 self titled comeback album, which sold over 10.000 copies worldwide and re-etablished Tygers Of Pan Tang as a house hold name around live scenes world wide.

This year having playing major festivals like Rock Hard Festival (Germany). The new album is supported by an extensive European tour alongside support shows for Saxon. Needless to say this is a big priorty release which will be supported with promotion, marketing and advertising in relevant medias.

“White Lines” will also be released in a ltd edition 12″ vinyl edition n with an exclusive B-side being a new recording of the classic Tygers song “Don’t Touch Me There”, which celebrates its 40 years anniversary this year. This new version features guitar solos from Tygers member Robb Weir, Micky Crystal as well as former Tygers member and producer Fred Purser and producer Soren Andersen.

The vinyl is strictly limited to 500 copies.

Click here to get yours now!

April 2019 Update
12th April 2019

I should have known really…..dealing with perfectionists is never easy! The planned arrival in the studio in January was thwarted as the band still didn’t think that the material for the next album was quite ready. Three more months of intensive rehearsals and at last – they are there. Moving into Trinity Heights Studio (owned by ex Tyger Fred Purser) recording is well under way and it is already sounding magnificent. It was always going to be a difficult one following the last album (some would say the best since Spellbound) so the band have decided to go hard and heavy. No sign of an underproduced ‘Crazy Nights’ or an over produced ‘The Cage’ here (although both of those albums do have their merits). The album will be released in the autumn on Mighty Music and once again will be mixed by Soren Andersen.

Meanwhile we have the little issue of some summer dates beginning at the Nordic Noise Festival in Copenhagen. The last gig there in 2017 was one of the best gigs the band (old and new) have ever played. No pressure there then!

Stay in touch by following the band on Facebook and, as ever, if you come to one of the summer gigs, come and say hello afterwards.

December 2018 Update
1st December 2018

Back in October 2016 when their last album was released we couldn’t really have predicted that it would be the birth of the most successful Tygers line-up since the heady days of the NWOBHM. But, that’s what the evidence would suggest.

Touring Europe this year was a real blast with perhaps their appearance at the Barcelona Rock Festival alongside Kiss, Ozzy etc being a high point. Dates in the UK with our friends the Dead Daisies were packed, not just with Daisies fans, but with Tygers fans as well. The reception given to the band in their (for some of the band adopted) home town of Newcastle when they played with the Daisies was also heart-warming.

But…...possibly the greatest moment was their return to Japan to a sold-out reception in Tokyo. A fairly punishing journey there and back in four days for band and management (we weren’t missing that!) was rewarded with a marvellous reception and great hospitality from our Japanese friends. It seemed that everyone in the audience wanted to meet the band after the show, which after they had played their longest set ever to fit all the favourites in, left the band shattered but elated.

So really they should be taking some time off. But…...no time for that. Final preparations for recording that begins in January are being made with the release date set for May 2019. Touring will follow covering as many countries as is physically possible and hopefully visits to parts of the UK that haven’t seen the band or some time.

Finally it seems that the Tygers renaissance is a family affair with releases from the 1981 version of the band ‘Hellbound, Spellbound Tygers live’ in December, Jon Deverill and Fred Purser have their album ‘Square One’ released, also in December and John Sykes ‘Sy-Ops’ sees the light of day in early new year.

Keep up with the news on Facebook and Twitter and grab your merchandise before it sells out!

Enjoy Christmas with best wishes from the band.

Robb, Gav, Micky,Craig and Jack.

June 2017 Update

25th June 2018

‘The best laid plans….’ as they say. So, in the last newsletter it was all systems go for recording the next album. But, the band weren’t ready. Having had the experience back in the day of chasing the Tygers into the studio to record ‘Crazy Nights’ when they weren’t ready, caution was demanded.

So, plans have changed. Recording has been postponed until January 2019. That has taken the pressure off and allowed the writing process to follow a more natural course. The worst thing they could have done was to go into the studio with half formed ideas, especially as the last album has been likened to the mighty ‘Spellbound’ in its quality. Luckily we work with a fantastic record company who understand that plans can change. Release date then is probably going to be around May.

But fear not, there will be opportunities to see the band on the road this year. From Barcelona to Inverness there will be shows! As ever, if you come to a gig come see the band afterwards, they always make time to meet people. Next year there will be a full UK tour and dates around the world.

Check out Facebook for updates.

February 2018 Update
16th February 2018

A new year and thoughts turn to the next Tygers’ album. Buoyed by the success of the last album, and the reception given to the new material at live shows, confidence is high as the band begin finishing off the tunes for the next record. The album will be recorded in Newcastle with ex Tyger Fred Purser engineering, the band producing, Soren Andersen handling the mixing duties again and the full backing of our great record company Mighty Music. It will take some doing to better the last record – much like trying to follow Spellbound all those years ago – but this time there is no record company pressure to meet an infeasible deadline as there was on that occasion! Release date is set for around October of this year.
Keep your eye on the Tygers website and Facebook for details of the live shows that we have lined up for this year, including, at great demand, some gigs in the south of the UK.

Finally, Mickey is just about to embark on a series of gigs with Marco Mendoza. A musician with Marco’s pedigree (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, John Sykes) and a new album on Mighty Music has got to be worth seeing. Check out his website for the dates.

December 2017 Update
18th December 2017

What a great year this has been for The Tygers! The band’s working year ended with a fabulous gig at the Winterstorm Festival in Troon and it is worth checking out the video on YouTube, taken by someone in the audience, of the band performing Love Potion No 9 to hear what a vociferous reception they got.

But there will be no rest over Christmas here at Tyger Towers. We are into planning mode for next year with gigs across Europe and the UK currently being booked. Some festival appearances have already been confirmed, including Rock Fest Barcelona alongside Ozzy, Judas Priest, Kiss etc. Hopefully this year we will also get to play in the south of the UK which seems to have been a little neglected of late. Just confirmed is an appearance at the wonderful Stramash in Edinburgh, as part of the festival fringe, a venue where the band got such a warm welcome this year.
Recording for the new album begins in May and, if everything goes according to plan, it should be released in late October. Keep your eyes on Facebook for further updates on this.

So all that remains is to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year and here’s hoping that we see as many of you as possible next year. All the best from

Robb, Craig, Gav, Micky and Jack.

October 2017 Update
25th October 2017

It seems to have been a little bit quiet on the Tygers front of late. Behind the scenes though, it has been a hive of activity. Micky has been touring Europe and the UK covering guitar duties for Marco Mendoza whilst the rest of the band have been writing new material. He is now safely back in Tyger country so rehearsals are well underway for the upcoming UK tour.
As usual we have been asked questions about why we are playing where we are and missing out some places. It is down to circumstances beyond our control I’m afraid but we hope to hit the south sometime next year. If you come along to one of the UK gigs don’t forget to stay behind and meet the band if you can. There will also be a selection of new merchandise on sale at our usual reasonable prices.
Next month we will have more news about the next album and a tentative release schedule.
Meanwhile if you want a taste of Tygers there is a stack of stuff on YouTube from our official videos to fan footage from the gigs over the last six months so have a peek.


August 2017 Update
1st August 2017

Hard to believe that it is August already….and what better way to celebrate the summer than to play two festivals in 3 days. The band will be at The Cambridge Rock and Blues festival on Friday 4th and on Sunday 6th they are in Italy for the Padova Metal Fest. If the response measures up to the way they have been received at other festivals, such as the Azkena Rock Festival in Spain where they were on the bill with John Fogerty and Cheap Trick, then a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Over the last couple of weeks our focus has been on organising a UK tour for the Autumn. That has now come to fruition and if you keep your eyes on the gig page and Facebook you can check if they are playing a town near you. If they aren’t then we will hope to get them there next year and that should include the south coast and Scotland from where the band get a lot of messages asking them to play.
Meanwhile when they weren’t playing live the band were writing new material and already have enough for their next album which will be recorded next year.

And finally. Box Social Brewery were so delighted with reception given to Tyger Blood (sold out!) that they are brewing Tyger Blood 2 – this time it will come in bottles. So, if you want in your local …tell them to call Box Social Brewery.

May 2017 Update
24th May 2017

Busy, busy, busy. The only way to describe things! Having spent the last month or so journeying around Europe the band arrived in Copenhagen for their first ever gig in Denmark. And………..who could have predicted it would be one, if not THE, best gig the ‘new’ Tygers have played. A two day festival promoted by the band’s record company with a host of good bands and they, in the words of one of the audience. ‘couldn’t be touched’. It really was a magnificent gig with a great audience who were fired up to see the Tygers. It also gave the band a chance to meet up with Sea, the Danish band who will be the support on the UK gigs later this year. Very good they are too. Anyone coming to those gigs is in for a treat.

And busy, busy, busy it will continue to be. Lots of gigs coming up over the summer and into the autumn so, as usual, if you are there come along and say hello.

Oh yes, just one other thing. This month sees the release of the band’s first four albums on MCA in a box set with a live CD. There are lots of extras on the CDs and a booklet with a potted history. So, once again, the CD racks are brimming with Tygers CDs old and new.

April 2017 Update
4th April 2017

Here at Tyger Towers we get quite a number of requests along the lines of ‘Why aren’t the band playing in my town/country?’. To be honest there is no simple answer. It is down to a number of factors. One is venues. A venue or promoter have to want to put the band on and actually pay them. These days many venues, particularly in the UK, seem to be playing safe with ‘tribute bands’. Another is logistics. The arrangements involved in getting the band to a gig and, getting their equipment there can be complex. Jack lives in Florence so flights have to be coordinated. Earlier this year the band arrived at a gig in Portugal but their guitars didn’t as the airline hadn’t loaded them. When they eventually got them back the flight cases had suffered significant damage. So it never as simple as just turning up and playing. Having said that the band love playing live so much they would literally play anywhere!

Last month saw the band’s new video and download single ‘Glad Rags’ released. ‘Glad Rags’ is also featured on the cover disc of Classic Rock this month with a feature coming soon. This month will also see a new 7’’ single released ‘Never Give In’ from the album with a non-album track, ‘Plug Me In‘ on the B side. It is limited to 500 copies so keep an eye on Facebook for details for how you can purchase it.

With Only the Brave having now clocked over 107,000 views on You Tube, appearances throughout mainland Europe over the spring and summer and a UK tour almost finalised The Tygers are going to be very busy.

December 2016 Update
16th December 2016

Well……what a year this has been for The Tygers. Who could have predicted this time last year that they would produce their most successful album since the first era of the band? Not us. Plus they have finally made it to North and South America to add to the list of territories conquered. And, they have a very fine video about to reach 80,000 views on You Tube. Also, let us not forget the Tygers beer ‘Tyger Blood’ which has also been a huge success.

The press for the album has been unanimously positive and we are grateful to all of the writers both in print and online who have helped us with their reviews. Whilst we are thanking people, much of our success is down to Michael Andersen and everyone at Mighty Music for the level of support they have given. We couldn’t have asked for more from a record company.
So to all who have helped us and worked with us - Cheers.

Let us not forget though that without the fans there would be no Tygers, so for the magnificent support you have offered by attending gigs, buying the album and drinking the beer we owe a huge debt of gratitude.

Next year is going to be a monster with gigs all over Europe and a new single to be released. So, come and see us, say hello and enjoy the ride.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year from

Jack, Micky, Robb, Craig and Gav.

October 2016 Update
19th October 2016

Well, here we are at last. Album, tour and beer all about to be unleashed upon the public. It’s hard to believe that the new single has already had over 80,000 plays on Spotify and the video is fast approaching 50,000 views. News from our record company tells us that the demand for the album from shops is just about outstripping supply so you should have no problem with obtaining a copy. But….better still….. try to get along and see us on tour. New merchandise will be on sale along with vinyl singles and albums and CDs. The band will also be out after each show to sign copies.

We have a lot of people to thank for helping us to reach this point – they know who they are. But, most of all it is down to the people who watch the video, listen to us on Spotify, come to the gigs and buy our records. To you - the biggest thank you of all.

September 2016 Update
9th September

So……the video for the new single – ‘Only the Brave’ (released on vinyl on 9th September) - is up! We think it has turned out really well and it will you give you a taste of what the album sounds.

The album is being licensed worldwide so if you are reading this in the USA, South America and Japan – you should have no problem with obtaining a copy once it is released in these territories.

If you want to read more about the band and the album keep your eye on the rock press as virtually every magazine that you can think of is interviewing the guys.

And……. the beer is brewed (Tyger Blood) look out for it or ask your local to stock it. Thank you to Box Social Brewers for all of the effort they have put into this joint project.

As this is being written we are planning UK tour part 2 for next year. So, if you would like to see the band in your part of the country let us know via Facebook.

Until next month…………

August 2016 Update
5th August

Well……August already and the band are off to Italy and Spain for two gigs. They have also been added to the bill at Winterstorm in Troon Scotland in November.

The last week has been spent filming a video for their new single (real vinyl 7 inch folks!). ‘Only The Brave’ is the track and it is a great mixture of old and new Tygers. The filming was done at the O2 in Newcastle and we are really grateful for their help and consideration. The video company Flashlight Films are making a great job of it so look out for more information about the filming on our Facebook page. The video also features our new backdrop which looks magnificent so thanks are due to David Allison at Allbandpromo for making such a fine job of it.

We have also hooked up with Box Social Brewers who will produce a Tygers beer. ‘Tyger Blood’ will feature the album cover on the label and should be available at some of the venues or the forthcoming UK tour.

And………..talking of the tour……most venues choose their own support but for Newcastle we have added local band ‘Twister’ to the bill. So get your tickets and get there early to check them out.

July 2016 Update
5th July

Well…it is finally finished. We have one album – produced by the band, mixed by Soren Andersen, mastered by Harry Hess…………and sounding magnificent! Release date is set for October 21st which coincides nicely with the start of the band’s first full tour in the UK for a long, long time. This really has been a labour of love as the band have quality controlled the whole process from the choice of studio right through to approving the final master. Our new record company Mighty Music have supported us all the way and are intending to release both vinyl and CD versions as well as making it available in the usual digital formats.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for further tour news, some ‘in the studio’ clips and a chance to win an invite to the album launch party.

So…..check the gig guide, find your nearest venue and get your tickets.


May 2016 Update
27th May

As I write this the final mix of the album (these things take time!) is being completed by Soren Andersen in Copenhagen. Just as well really, as a tentative release date is October of this year and whilst that seems a long way off there is so much to be done.

Back from their very successful adventures in the USA, South America and Europe (read about it in Robb’s Blog) the band are now gearing up for a UK tour in the autumn to coincide with the album release and then the rest of the world awaits. The UK tour will begin (where else……..) in Newcastle and the night before there will be an album launch party. Look out for a competition on the Facebook page in the summer for a chance to obtain tickets to the party.

The summer will be relatively quiet in order that rehearsals for next year’s world tour can proceed but we have one gig at ‘Leyendas Del Rock’ in Spain. So if you are near Alicante on 12th August come along and say hi.


March 2016 Update
7th March

Well that’s the new album er……..almost finished. After completing the recording at Blast in Newcastle it was felt that a clean pair of ears was needed to mix it. Step forward Soren Andersen, writer, producer and guitarist of choice for Glen Hughes. We all admire his work and now can’t wait to hear what he does with our recordings (which were, by the way, sounding pretty damn good in their unmixed state) The album is due for release worldwide in late summer by our new record company - The Target Group - who are based in Denmark and are fully committed to the Tygers cause.

Soon we set off for our first trip to South America where we will visit Brazil, Paraguay and Columbia. Rumour has it we get a couple of days on the beach too. Tough stuff this rock ‘n’ roll! Further touring this year sees us in the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Ibiza, Spain, Denmark and Sweden for starters with other countries to be added. And for UK fans we have a ‘proper’ UK tour planned. Recently because of overseas commitments we have been restricted to playing one-offs but this time a full tour from Scotland to the South Coast is on the cards for October. Dates to be announced soon.

Keep an eye on Facebook page for updates and check out the merchandise page where we will soon have some new items including embroidered patches, a printed back patch and a sleeveless work shirt.

And finally…..we get a number of offers of sponsorship and endorsement but only work with those whose gear we genuinely like and use. So here are a couple more of our ‘friends’ whose products you might want to look at. Micky is endorsed by and exclusively uses ‘Bare Knuckle Pick-ups’ and Robb has just had a beautiful guitar made by Cassidy Guitars which he will be using for the foreseeable future! Find more information about both companies and others on our affiliates page.


January 2016 Update
25th January

Hard to believe that the new album is almost finished! And…….it is sounding like a monster. Blast Studios has been a dream to work in. Not just a cool place but it also has a cool engineer – Mark – who has been unfazeable and a great help to us during recording. To see some videos and photos from the studio just boogie on over to our Facebook page.

Whilst the recording has been progressing we have also finally signed a new record deal with a company who really believe in us. Their MD came to visit us in the studio and was mightily impressed with what he heard. More news about which company it is and the release date coming soon.

Gigs are being added regularly so keep an eye on the gigs page and we are currently booking a more extensive tour of the UK than we have undertaken for some time. It’s set for October and it looks very much as if Newcastle upon Tyne will be the first gig.

November Update
24th November
Well…….just in case you think that it is all glamorous fun in the Tygers (actually some of it is) here is a short summary of what we are up to at present.

Writing material for the new album has been our main task over the past month or so and the songs are just about finished……got to say they are sounding special. We will be taking our ideas into Blast Studios in Newcastle Upon Tyne in January to make an album that should be released around May time. For that we need, of course, a new record deal and our management company have just completed negotiations for its release worldwide.

Along with a new record label, the best news we have had is that we will finally get to North and South America next year. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

Finally we hope to see you on our short UK tour in December (details on the gig page) In addition to the usual merchandise anyone who comes to a signing session gets a free limited edition card with a photo of the band on it and it will be signed there and then on the night. They are only available at gigs so don’t forget to stay afterwards and have one signed.

More news in January with a more definite release date for the album, new dates for 2016 and perhaps even a studio report.

Tygers Sessions : The First Wave

16th February 2015

We are set to release a special 'Limited Edition' album titled "Tygers Sessions: The First Wave" via Skol Records. The CD will be limited to only 1000 copies, and will include 11 classic songs of the band, re-recorded for the anniversary EP releases: "The Wildcat Sessions" and "The Spellbound Sessions", which were originally available through the band's fan-club and website only and, quickly sold out. The album's cover artwork has been painted by Italian artist Roberto Toderico, known for his artistic calibration's with numerous Rock and Metal acts. The "Tygers Sessions: The First Wave" CD will be released on February 28, 2015, and will include thick booklet with lyrics, liner notes, and many previously unseen pictures.
Rock & Metal Circus Cancelled & Granny's Re-scheduled
2nd September

Unfortunately we have received notice that the Rock & Metal Circus Festival has had to be cancelled due to difficulties.

Under the circumstances, a further show planned that weekend at Granny's in Lowestoft has been rescheduled to 6th December.
The venue have been extremely understanding throughout our recent discussions and we thank them for that.

We are lead to believe that tickets will be honoured on the new date but our advice would be to contact to confirm this with the venue.

We apologies sincerely for these changes being such short notice.


Festival dates added for 2015
12th August

We are delighted to announce three festivals we have had confirmed for 2015. 'Bang Your Head' in Germany, 'LesFest Wildfire' in Scotland and 'Garage Dayz Re-visited' in London. It is a great honour to be involved in all three Festivals and we very much look forward to seeing you all there. Ticket and general information can be found on each Festival website. The dates are published on our website Gig Page however, please note we will not know the day and time we will be playing 'Bang Your Head 2015' until much closer to the time.
Les Fest Wildfire : Wiston Lodge, South Lanarkshire, Scotland : 26th June 2015
Garage Dayz Re-visited : The Garage, London, UK : 27th June 2015
Bang Your Head Festival : Germany 16th/17th/18th July 2015

The Cluny, Newcastle
12th August

We are very much looking forward to our hometown show at The Cluny in November. This is long overdue and to make it a special night we have invited two very special guests, 'Avenger' and 'Fist' to join us for what will be a great celebration of North East NWOBHM. Tickets are now on sale and available via a number of outlets and websites. Please see the venue website for more details. Also check out the Poster for this event, very old school.
RPM Records : 4 Old George Yard, Newcastle NE1 1EZ : 0191 221 0201
Beat Down Records : 1, Clarendon House, Clayton St W, Newcastle NE1 5EE : 0191 261 8894

Booking Agent for Rest of the World
8th May 014

We are delighted to announce our association with Frank Vedder - Agentur Event and Artist Management as our Booking Agent for all countries outside the UK, Mainland Europe, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. We see this as our next step forward and the plan will be to concentrate on tours in South America, USA and Japan although any country where there is an interest in the Tygers would be considered. We would like to thank everybody at Agentur EAM for there welcome to the company and we hope we have many happy years with our partnership.

Contact details:-
Agents Rob Rise and Frank Vedder
enquiries: kontakt@agentur-eam.de / booking@agentur-eam.de  
Website: http://www.agentur-eam.de/

European Tour 2014
2nd May 2014

Following the bands highly enjoyable tour around Europe late last year, we are delighted to announce some shows again for November 2014. Although their are still some shows to add we wanted to let you know all confirmed shows so far.
Date Venue Location Tickets / Details
2nd November The Beatnik Club Beerse, Belgium Link
4th November Club Voko Host, CZ  
5th November Novachmelnice Prague, CZ Link
6th November K17 Berlin, Germany Link
8th November Turock Essen, Germany Link
9th November Baroeg Rotterdam, Holland Link
12th November Reithalle Rastatt, Germany Link
13th November Legends Of Rock Club Olching, Germany Link
14th November Starclub Uster, Switzerland Link

We do hope we will see the many friends we made on our last tour as well as some new faces. We will be updating further as other shows are confirmed.

Festival Go4Rock - Italy
22nd April 2014

We are very pleased too announce confirmation that the band will be appearing at the GO4ROCK Festival in Gorizia (Italy) on 20th September 2014. Its always a pleasure to play for our Italian fans as over recent years they have always supported the band and we know it will be a `Rockin` night.

Full details on the festival and ticket details can be found on the usual social sites. We will publish the Festival Poster and more information over the coming weeks.

Go4Rock | Facebook:
Legends Of Rock - UK
22nd April 2014

We would also like to announce our appearance at the Legends of Rock Festival in Great Yarmouth (UK) on the 19th October at the Vauxhall 5 Holiday Park


With over 50 bands over the weekend it promises to be a fantastic event for Music Fans, for tickets and General Information please visit the official website.
Signed 'Ambush' CDs
22nd October 2013

We have a limited number of fully signed 'Ambush' CDs available from the webshop.

These will be signed during the forthcoming European shows and will be ready for dispatch as from the 3rd November.

The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly
10th October

The Good

Summerrock Festival 2014

We are delighted to announce that we will be playing Summerrock Music Festival on June 7th in Belgium 2014, the Billing already includes Masterplan as well as ourselves and we are awaiting further news of other potential International acts to be added. This festival is looking to expand and get bigger each year and it will be a great opportunity for our crazy Belgium fans to have a day in the sun and watch some great bands.

Ticket details can be found on the official Summerrock website.

The Bad

We were very sorry to have to announce further delays on the Crazy Nights shirts, all refunds have been given and you must download this via your paypal account if you have not already done so. The better news is that we have changed suppliers and that have promised delivery for the 20th October so as soon as we have these in our hands we will re-advertise them for our long distant fans. These shirts will be available on the European tour so if your planning to attend one then save yourself the postage, it will probably pay for the gig ticket. Its the first time in a very long time the band has played so many venues in Europe so please do come down and see us, it would be great to finally meet with you guys who we only know as email addresses at present.

The Downright Ugly

It appears that the Liverpool show will not now go ahead, the promoter has disappeared and is un-contactable so terms of contract have been breached and the venue has double booked. This is yet another cancellation in the UK which is becoming far too common, we are now very reluctant to agree to play venues in the UK and UK shows in 2014 will be few and far between. If you can get down to Selby tomorrow it may be one of the last times you will catch the band live in the UK for a while.

Headbangers Open Air Festival 2014
3rd September

We are delighted to announce that the band will be playing again at one of our favourite festivals Headbangers Open Air 2014.

As yet our actual performance date is to be confirmed but it will be either the 25th or 26th July 2014.
Webshop Postal Rates
30th June

A lot of you have expressed concerns over the postal rates for NON UK delivery on T shirts we sell in the webshop. We wanted to explain the situation so you have the full story. Last year alone we had 26 parcels where the buyer claimed that the item was lost in the post, as you can imagine this costs the band a considerable amount of money so we decided that all value items would be sent International signed for. The actual signed for element costs more than the postage at £5.70 so if we take a standard delivery to Germany for example it costs £4.10 for delivery, £5.70 for the signed and £0.70 for packaging. We actually lose money on shipments to the USA and NON European countries but we needed to set a cap charge. As a gesture to combat this charge we do offer a free CD EP and we try to give away items as well as an incentive, we are trying guys honestly............................

We would suggest however that if your thinking about buying a New Crazy Nights shirt, these will be available at shows from October at a cost of £15.00 or 20.00 euro.............................

We do appreciate the postal costs are high and we understand in these difficult times money is tight.


New 'Crazy Nights' Shirts
26th June 2013

As promised here is a sneak preview of the new Crazy Nights shirts which are now in the shop for pre-order but please note delivery will not be until August. As a special treat to you guys the first 25 orders will also receive a free laminated and fully signed Set List.

Due to the vast increase in costs for the printing of merchandise we have again tried to keep costs down by printing a one sided shirt. The design comes on a black shirt only at this time.

Also for our international buyers we have to send these Signed for postage which is very expensive so we will include a Spellbound Sessions EP as compensation, we realise most of you will have this EP already but its a gesture.

European Shows - October / November
25th June

We are delighted to be able to announce the following shows in Europe in October/ November. We are hopeful that there may be one or two further shows added on the off days. This will be the first time the band have played club shows in Germany/ Holland for a very, very long time and we do hope that you will come and enjoy the night with the band.

If we receive any further information about tickets we will add this to the listing on the gig page.

Date Venue Location Tickets / Details
30th October 2013 Meisenfrei Bremen, Germany 04 21 - 36 36 36 / karten@meisenfrei.de
25th October 2013 The Rock Temple Kerkrade, Netherlands Link
26th October 2013 Turock Essen, Germany Link
27th October 2013 Beatnik Club Beerse, Belgium Link
29th October 2013 K17 Berlin, Germany Link
30th October 2013 Meisenfrei Bremen, Germany Link
2nd November 2013 Little Devil Tilburg (MMM 7 fest),
Very Eavy Festival - Holland
25th June

We are delighted to announce that the band will be playing the Very Eavy Festival in Holland on April 14th 2014, we will join a fantastic line up for what should be a great Festival.

More info can be found on the link :


Lots Of News - Gigs, Shirts and More...
7th June

Liverpool - The Dome 12th October

We are very pleased to announce a further show in October at The Dome in Liverpool, this is a new venture for the promoter and he is looking to establish the venue on the Rock/ Metal circuit. Ticket details will be announced shortly. As soon as we have any further Info we will publish it on the website and Facebook, etc.

Hope to see you their and please check out and support this venue as Live Music clubs are closing by the day so this is a very brave move for the owner and inspired by a love of music.

European Shows 2013/14

We will be announcing a short European tour and some dates already booked for 2014 later this month, please keep checking around the 25th June for more information. We are very excited at the prospect of playing countries and cities we have not visited for a very long time.

Ambush Tour Shirts

We have just received the new stock of this shirt design with 2013 printed on the front replacing 2012. All orders from now will be the new shirt. The design is exactly the same but with the year variation.

Crazy Nights Shirts (Coming Soon)

After repeated requests from you guys we have decided to print a shirt with a version of the Crazy Nights artwork. The last time we printed this shirt we sold out within a week and at the time we promised that the shirt would remain a Ltd Edition. To keep to this promise our merchandise supplier has played around with the colours and come up with something New and Fresh which we hope you will like.

This shirt will be an open edition and will be available online from around July for the rest of 2013, we will also be bringing this shirt with us as the 2013 tour shirt later in the year together with the Black Ambush shirt. We will try and get some graphics up on the webshop over the next few days for you to peruse.

Heritage Crazy Nights and The Cage Tour Shirts

We are looking to reprint 2 shirts that have become very rare now and almost impossible to find, we have raided Robbs Shirt Archive once again and stolen the 1981 European Crazy Nights shirt and The Cage 1982 UK Tour (1st Design).

The Cage shirt has a different front design than the one we sold some years ago but the same back-print.

These will be very Ltd to 75 of each only so if you want one let us know through the contact page and we will let you know as soon as we have them in stock. We are expecting delivery around August time.

"Ambush" Artwork For Sale on eBay
May 2013

We have received loads of positive comments about the Ambush Artwork which always seems to get a mention when the album is reviewed, so much so that Rodney Matthews who created the artwork has made available a number of prints signed by himself. Although this is an open print we understand that it will still remain a fairly limited print run. The artwork as said will be signed by Rodney and if you buy one and bring it to a Tygers show we will also get this signed for you by the band, just bring it to the merchandise stand to arrange. The prints are a modest £38.00 + posting which is a very good price.

For those of you with mega deep pockets the original is also for sale also at £18,0000 any takers?

The ebay number is 261198631092 available on www.ebay.co.uk

Check it out Guys


Tour Dates 2013
29th April
After taking some time off, we will be playing some live shows in October and November, we are at present exploring a number of opportunities and will announce these once confirmed. We can however announce the first three UK dates for October 2013:

October 4th - Moochers Jailhouse (Stourbridge) UK - www.moochers.co.uk

October 5th - Mr Kypps (Poole) UK - www.mrkyps.net

October 11th - The Riverside (Selby) UK - www.theriversidebar.co.uk 

Please contact all individual venues for ticket information.

Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.

New Guitarist Announced
15th February

If 2012 was a year to remember for the Tygers of Pan Tang with the release of the acclaimed studio album ‘Ambush’, then 2013 is set to be another!

It is with great pleasure that we can now introduce to you Michael McCrystal as the new guitarist for the Tygers of Pan Tang. Micky Crystal (as he is affectionately named) hails from the North East of England. He has been playing in local bands and doing the live circuit for a number of years now. Since the age of 18 he has also been teaching guitar for the Yamaha Music School.

Robb Weir comments “After Dean decided to leave the band late last year, our researchers checked out bands playing in the North East looking for a suitable replacement. It’s great to know that the rock and metal scene is so prominent, and there is still so much talent around!”

“Micky actually came to our attention through Gav and he was invited along to the auditions. Once Micky started playing with the band, it became obvious he had everything we were looking for. The recruitment process wasn’t easy and we would like to express our sincere thanks to all the other guitarists who auditioned for the Tygers.”

“We’re absolutely delighted to have Micky on board – he has an unbelievable talent. We can’t wait to start playing the live shows and laying down some new demo ideas.”

On joining the band, Micky said “It's a great privilege to be part of the Tygers and I'm very excited to work with such a great team of people. The rehearsals so far have been great and it’s safe to say I can't wait to get my claws into the live shows ahead!”
Micky takes up the position of Lead Guitarist with immediate effect. He follows on from some great guitarists and we are confident that you will be blown away by this new artist to the world’s stage.

There will be more to follow on Micky shortly.....

R-Mine Metal Festival - Belgium
7th January

We are delighted to announce that the Tygers will be appearing at our second Belgium Festival in 2013. Metalfest which is organised by our new booking agency R-Mine productions will be held over the weekend of the 21/22/23 of June 2013. Please see below the event flyer for more information, there are also links to follow which will give you access to the events social sites. We are really looking forward to playing in Belgium this year which has proven to be an unexpected supporter of the Tygers.


New Booking Agent for Europe
4th January
We are delighted to announce that with immediate effect all mainland European Booking (excluding UK, Italy & Spain) will now be handled by R-Mine Productions based in Belgium. All details can be now found on our contacts page or you can email Gianni at R-Mine Production on r.mineproductions@telenet.be

We are looking forward to playing as many shows as possible in 2013 and we plan to start in June with hopefully some Festival appearances and club shows. R-Mine Productions have a wealth of experience with similar bands to the Tygers and we very much hope that our business relationship will be long and successful.

If you are interested in Booking the Tygers for any European show please contact Gianni directly on the above email address.

Deano Leaves Tygers
3rd January

It is with a great deal of sadness that we are announcing the departure of Dean Robertson (Deano) from the Band. Dean has been a valued member for over 12 years and will be sorely missed. His contribution to the band was immense and he never failed to surprise with both his song writing and guitar playing skills. Further to that he is a great bloke and we will miss his humour particularly on the road when he kept everyone entertained throughout. For those who know Dean he is involved in many musical projects including Live Wire which keeps him busy most weekends, he also has a desire to write and record his own material and we would like to wish him every success with this. The band would like to publicly Thank Dean for everything and wish him well for the future. Auditions to replace Dean will be held shortly but we are keen to retain the North East heritage of the band. If your based in the North East and you would like to be considered send your details via the contact page of the website.
Ages Of Metal Festival - Belgium
2nd January

We are delighted to announce that the Tygers will be performing at The Ages of Metal Festival 2013 (Belgium). We last played this fantastic underground event back in 2011 together with Tank and this time we share the bill with our ex MCA partner Diamond Head. The two bands have a wealth of history and it will be great to tread the same stage again for a true celebration of British Rock. The event will be held on Saturday September 28th in Oostrozebeke, Belgium and all ticket details can be found at www.agesofmetal.be

'Ambush' Released On Vinyl
4th November 2012

We are delighted to announce that our old friends Night of the Vinyl Dead have produced a stunning Vinyl version of our latest release `Ambush`. We have a long association with this specialist company and those who own a copy of `Animal Instinct` on Vinyl will endorse the quality statement. As soon as they heard the album and checked out the stunning artwork of Rodney Matthews they were on board and we think this is their best work yet for the band.
The album will be limited to a run of 350 only so it will quickly sell out, below is a list of the distributors who will be able to steer you in the right direction to get hold of your copy. A release date may vary by distributor but we are lead to believe that you can place pre-orders to secure a copy.

Links to the distributors are as follows:-


http://www.nuclearblast.de/en/shop/artikel/gruppen/51000.1.html?article_group_sort_type_handle=rank&custom_keywords=tygers of pan tang


We have been inundated with requests from you guys to release this album on vinyl and we hope you will not be disappointed.


Robb Interview with Molten Metal
15th November

Exclusive interview with Robb Weir on New Zealand's 'Molten Metal' radio show.

The show airs Thursday 15th, NZ Time.
The podcast will be available at the following link after 0900 UTC:


Tygers Collectables
4th November 2012

As announced last week, the band has been collecting some unusual Tygers Vinyl, Cd's and memorabilia for a band archive for a while now and thought it would be great to get you guys involved. Our fans spread across the globe so we could have eyes open in every country looking for that illusive obscure item. To give you a taster of what we are looking for, it can be anything that is not standard and easily available product including non MCA releases of the first four albums. We are not just looking at Vinyl though or CDs either though, you may have that old 33 year old Tour shirt or a Bootleg live recording, everything can be brought to the party on this one.

To kick start this, check out the photo of this mega rare Vinyl album titled Hellbound which has both the Wildcat and Spellbound album releases together as a double LP. This was kindly donated by our good friend Andreas Dorian who has an ebay shop that specialises in Rock/ Metal vinyl, we have supplied a link at the end of the article so check out his huge stock listings that are equally as impressive.

The Hellbound album appears to be released in Germany in 1989 on the Repertoire label under licence from MCA? We believe that this licence agreement was for German release only and to specifically target the German market through a more local specialist subsiderary/ partner. This is just conjecture though and if anybody has any other info on the Hellbound release please let us know.

There seems to be all sorts of different covers and labels out there and we appreciate that some may not be official, still send in your photo etc, they are all part of the history of the band so should not be ignored evan though illegal in some countries.

If you have anything at all, let us know through the contact link including a photo and we guarantee a response via the bands management. If your item is needed for the archive and you are prepared to part with the item let us know, we will be happy to offer anything from the webshop and/or signed stuff etc an give a special mention with the associated article.

Please get involved in this, we see it as not only a bit of fun but it would be great to fully compile a comprehensive discography.

Supplied by Andreasdorian
Specialist in Rock Vinyl collectables.


Ambush Shirts / Unusual Tygers Releases / Webshop
22nd October 2012

Black 'Ambush' 2012 Shirts
Just to let everyone know we only have 7 shirts left in stock S x 2, M x 3, L x 1 and XXXL x 1. We always like to make the shirts we sell limited to no more than 200 so this shirt will not be re-printed again although there will be a modified 2013 'Ambush' shirt launched in the new year. If you have not got your little hands on one of these then place your order quickly as they will soon sell. Also bare in mind the shirt includes the fantastic artwork produced by Rodney Matthews which is worth wearing in its own right. If you are ordering make sure you pick the right purchase box for your location in the world and advise your size requirements on the PayPal order in Notes.

Weird and wonderful Tygers Releases
Over the years we have collected unusual copies of the bands releases for a band archive, It still amazes us that we are finding certain releases on different labels with different covers. Over the next few weeks we will be inviting everybody to send in photos of anything that is not a standard release and we can start to show some of these collectibles and try and discover together where they are from, who released them and why in some cases. We have got a real gem to start with so if your interested in collectible Vinyl and CDs check in again next week to get involved. It goes without saying but if anything does come up that we need for the archive and your prepared to part with the item we will exchange for anything on the webshop.


As most of you will see, almost everything on the webshop has sold out. We are looking to diversify a little with some new items and not just CDs and shirts. We are currently talking to a company who can produce some unusual items that would be great stocking fillers for Christmas. We will try and get these on sale for December with a guaranteed Christmas delivery. Finally we also have the chance to print the Ambush artwork that can be signed neatly in pencil at the bottom of the print. This would be a quality and also signed by Rodney himself. The print would be taken directly from the original and we would not look at printing more than 50 which would be individually numbered. The price for the signed print would be about £75.00 due to the set up costs mainly but would look fantastic framed. If your interested let us know and we may do a pre-order if there is sufficient interest. Finally if you have not got a copy of The Wildcat Sessions EP we are now down to our last 30 copies.

"Ambush" Release date 24th September 2012
21st September

We're very excited to present our new album "Ambush" which as you'll know is released on Monday 24th September on Rocksector Records.

For all up-to-date links to buy the new CD, download from iTunes, read recent reviews & the current range of competitions, please go to our label's website at www.rocksector.com

'Ambush' Pre-Order Links
29th August

The new Tygers of Pan Tang album 'Ambush' released 24th September 2012 - Pre-order your copy now at the below links:


"Ambush" Limited Edition Fanpack available to Pre-order now!
1st August

"Ambush" - The new album by Tygers of Pan Tang - Release date 24th September 2012

Available to pre-order here from today - limited edition fanpack *** 300 only ***

Includes the "Ambush" CD, "Ambush" guitar pick, poster of the original album artwork by Rodney Matthews & postcard featuring song lyrics including the new song "Hey Suzie" (sees the return of the character from the famous "Suzie Smiled")

All presented within a high quality CD box with metallic Tygers of Pan Tang logo.

When you buy this fanpack your name is also entered into an exclusive competition. 5 lucky winners will receive one of the following....

Signed copy of the 12" vinyl of the "Spellbound Sessions"
Signed cymbal as used in the recording of the "Spellbound Sessions"

Pre-order the fanpack now
£12.99 (free delivery to uk & europe, £3 delivery to rest of the world)

Fanpacks are to be dispatched no later than 8th September

Buy Here
Legendary British Hard Rock Band Tygers Of Pan Tang re-unite with producer Chirs Tsangarides to release new album "Ambush" on Rocksector Records on 24th September
24th July 2012

The influential & legendary British hard rock band Tygers Of Pan Tang are set to release a brand new album "Ambush" on 24th September, celebrating a landmark year in the band's history.

"Ambush" features 11 tracks of handsomely crafted melodic rock, recorded & produced by Chris Tsangarides who produced the band's historic "Wildcat" & "Spellbound" albums in 1980 & 1981 respectively. Those early albums were critically acclaimed & similarly revered by fans, as was the Tygers' most recent album "Animal Instinct" which received this praise from reputed writer Geoff Barton in his 8/10 review in Classic Rock "a pedigree album, combining the rough 'n' readiness of the early Wild Cat-era of the band with the glossy approach when they had John Sykes on guitar.. if I was thinking of buying Good To Be Bad (Whitesnake), Songs From The Sparkle Lounge (Def Leppard) or Animal Instinct & I only had enough money for one CD, I might just plump for this one"

With a truly impressive piece of coverart by Rodney Matthews who originally worked with the band on the iconic "Crazy Nights" album cover & with audio mastering by Ian Cooper (Wild Cat & Spellbound albums), some 3 decades on the Tygers have assembled a team which understands & lives up to their heritage.

Band members..
Robb Weir - Guitars / Jacopo Meille - Vocals / Dean Robertson - Guitars / Gavin Gray - Bass / Craig Ellis - Drums/Percussion

Written throughout 2011
Recorded February-May 2012
Producer/Engineer.. Chris Tsangarides
Recording studo.. Ecology Rooms, Deal Kent, UK
Mixed by Chris Tsangarides
Mastered by Ian Cooper & Chris Tsangarides at Metropolis Studios, London, UK
Cover Artwork.. Rodney Matthews
Project design.. Curt at Design57

Track listing...
1. Keeping Me Alive / 2. These Eyes / 3. One Of A Kind / 4. Rock & Roll Dream / 5. She / 6. Man On Fire / 7. Play To Win / 8. Burning Desire / 9. Hey Suzie / 10. Mr. Indispensable / 11. Speed

Fans can get a free mp3 download of "Speed" right now & also watch a trailer video at the Rocksector Records website www.rocksector.com. Pre-orders are available from 1st August, including an option for a special limited edition fanpack.

Official website www.tygersofpantang.com

Band Management.. Simon Morton at Little Monster simon.morton4@btopenworld.com
Label management.. Mark Appleton at Rocksector Records mark_apps@yahoo.co.uk
Press.. Lynne Hampson at Rocksector Records lynnepr99@yahoo.co.uk

Ambush - Cover Artwork
12th June 2012

As we are getting closer to announcing a release date for the new album 'Ambush we thought it would be nice to show you some of the parts in putting such a project together. We hope that you are reading the Blogs on the song writing process and finding them of interest, there is still a lot more to come on this so stay tuned. The Artwork for 'Ambush' was something that we thought long and hard about as we wanted to keep with the early album cover themes. Rodney Matthews had always been in our minds as the Crazy Nights album cover has long held a special place in Tygers fans hearts so we contacted him and he agreed to design 'Ambush' for us. Rodney supplied two options and we chose one that we thought would sit against the first three albums perfectly. To say we were blown away with the work is an understatement and we hope you like it too. Below is actual original artwork signed by the man himself, this  is the first time we have released this for viewing.

'Ambush' Tour Shirts
12th June 2012

The brand new shirts are available from the Webshop as of today! We launched the shirts at the Sweden Rock Festival and they are now available for worldwide purchase. As always this will be a ltd edition and we have planned a run of only 150 for 2012. They will be available at all advertised shows and we have decided to keep the selling price at a modest £15.00 + postage. International postage will now however be signed for postage as some previous orders had delivery problems. Postage will be £8.50 but this still lower than we have charged for shirts online in the past. As compensation to ALL International orders if you require one of the Sessions EPs we will add this to the order Free of Charge. Postage for the UK will be a £3.50 flat rate for Recorded delivery. In the Webshop please select your location when placing your order. We will also be launching in our opinion the best Ladies T shirt we have printed so far so how about a his and hers together which would be great advertising for the band. If your interested in this package then contact us via the enquiries link on the contact page and we will combine postage and send you a PayPal invoice which should save some more money. Keep checking and Refreshing the page this week as from 12th June.

Sweden Rock Festival
12th June 2012
Just a very quick Thank you to everybody who came to watch the band at the Sweden Rock Festival and braced the Rain, you were a great audience and we hope you liked the set. Hopefully we can get back to Scandinavia very soon to see you guys again. We would also like to Thank the organisation Team at the Festival who were superb from start to finish, this is very well organised event and we cannot praise them high enough.

Celebrity Fans
23rd March 2012

Check out James Hetfield of Metallica wearing a classic Wildcat shirt, although unofficial I think we can forgive such a Metal Icon. If James or his management want to contact us I am sure we can find a few official shirts to send him to wear, obviously free of charge.

If there are more celebrities out there who like the band and have any footage of themselves wearing a Tygers shirt we would be delighted to show these on the web and send some freebies back for the privilege.

Last Back & Beyond EPs now available from Hellion records of Germany
17th March 2012

The Tygers have been associated with Hellion records of Germany for some time now, selling all the Limited Edition EP releases over the last 2 years. They have constantly supported the Tygers and have now agreed to sell the last available batch of the Back & Beyond EP. We have just shipped 40 copies  to Germany that will be available from Monday 26th March from www.hellionrecords.de

These EPs are a worthwhile investment as they will not be around too long and will become collectors items in the future

Check out the website of one of Germanys biggest Rock and Metal Music Retail stores.


Tygers To Play Spain in July 2012
16th March 2012

We are delighted to announce that the Tygers will be playing the following shows in Spain this coming July:-

Thursday 5th July - Razzmatazz 3, Barcelona

Friday 6th July - Sala Supersonic, Cadiz

Saturday 7th July - Skulls of Metal Festival

Apart from playing the Legend's of Rock Festival in 2010, the band have never actively played in Spain and this is something we want to change, not only in July, but also for the foreseeable future. We have been really surprised at the number of emails, etc from Spain and Portugal over the last year or so, as we had no idea that we had so many fans over there. July should also be an exciting time all round as this will be the approximate launch date of the new album 'Ambush' and we cannot think of a more perfect opportunity to celebrate this, than in the wonderful country of Spain.

If we receive any ticket details from the promoters etc we will publish these as and when received but check out the individual venues for more details in the meantime,

See you all very soon


Lots of Tygers News...
5th March 2012

Sweden Rock Festival date Confirmed
We have Just received confirmed that the Tygers will be appearing on Friday 8th June at the Sweden Rock Festival, we are really looking forward to this festival and re-connecting with some of our Scandinavian friends. We really hope you will be able to help make the day really special by joining us at the front for some good old-school Rock n Roll. We also hope to be involved with some signing session stuff but if not we will definitely get out front to join you guys for a beer and to watch some bands.

Rodney Matthews New Artwork for Ambush
We are really excited about the artwork for the New Album 'Ambush' which is due for release later in the year. From a chance meeting at the Hard Rock Hell Festival in December our Management have been talking to Rodney Matthews about commissioning a new piece of artwork and it gives us great pleasure to announce that we chosen a design that we think will just blow you away. If you are not familiar with Rodney check out his website and you will recognise many album covers he has designed for bands such as Magnum, Diamond Head, Praying Mantis and so on. The connection with the Tygers is that Rodney designed the iconic Crazy Nights cover back in 1981 which we know is a fan favourite. The Ambush design was based around a scene similar to Spellbound but has been brought into the year 2012 and beyond, its a theme model we have been following since 2007 to recognise not only what is going on now with the band presently but to also never forget the past. we do hope you will like it because we think its visually stunning. more on this very soon

Back & Beyond EP and The Wildcat Sessions EP almost sold out
If by some chance you have yet to buy these please note that they are almost all gone, they were a Limited Edition pressing and we have no plans for any re-prints etc. Can we suggest that you place your order before you end up paying a lot of money on auction sites for these.

Studio update
The Dark Lord Chris Tsangarides has just sent through the backing music recorded in February so Jack can start to prep his vocal parts and Robb and Dean can start to work on their Solo guitar parts. There is still a long way to go in the process of recording the new album 'Ambush' but we are really pleased with the arrangement and sound so far. When you use the services of a well known producer you expect that little more and we think you are going to be pleased with the outcome. We always wanted to progress from 'Animal Instinct' and show that the band have matured since that was recorded. We hope we have achieved that. The album will be released through Rocksecter Records later in the year.

Tygers confirm Birmingham show
23rd February 2012
We are delighted to announce that the Tygers will be playing Birmingham Roadhouse on Thursday 2nd August.

The Roadhouse is a venue we have wanted to play for some time now since the cancellation back in 2010 and so would like to thank the promoter who has worked very hard to get us back there on a suitable date. Although its a Thursday evening we hope that if you can, you will all come down to support the band and venue and make this a great night of British Hard Rock.

Ticket information can be sourced from the venue website


(+44)(0)121 246 2273

Cardiff date rescheduled
23rd February 2012
Please Note the show scheduled for Thursday 1st March in Cardiff has now been re-scheduled for Friday 24th August. We sincerely apologies for this been changed with such short notice but it was outside both parties hands, we thank the venue for their understanding and accommodating the request.

All tickets will be transferable to the new date but do please check with the venue for full confirmation.

Apologies once again,

TYGERS set to play Swindon and Cambridge Rock Festival
10th February 2012
We are delighted to confirm shows at the Meca in Swindon on the 21st April (www.mecaswindon.co.uk) and a Friday night headline appearance on 3rd August at the Cambridge Rock Festival (cambridgerockfestival.co.uk).  The Swindon show will be a double header with ODS (Oliver Dawson Saxon) so the night will have a real classic 'British Rock' feel. The Friday headline show at Cambridge Rock Festival follows on from a similar show we did back in 2010 when everyone had a great time. The festival is perfect for both a family friendly day out as well as for the serious rock music fan. The line-up is now coming together so check out both websites for more details. There is a fantastic offer on at the moment for the Cambridge Rock Festival with a two-for-one deal that includes a new festival to be held in the middle of the year. Watch out for more details on both shows very soon.

Tygers to Play in Cork, Ireland 15th March
27th January 2012
We are delighted to announce that the Tygers will be playing the An Cruiscin Lan in Cork, Ireland on the 15th March 2012. It will be the first time the band have played in Ireland and we are really looking forward to the experience. We would like to thank everyone involved in the Cork live team for working with us to make this happen. The venue details are below so please feel free to make contact regarding ticket information:-

An Cruiscin Lan
19 Douglas Street
Cork City


Lets have a great night of Classic Rock together
Spellbound Tour Shirts Ready for dispatch
24th January 2012
Thank you for your Patience in waiting for delivery of the Spellbound 1981 UK Tour Shirts, we are pleased to let you know that these have now finally been received and will therefore be dispatched to you all by the end of this week. All International orders will be sent signed for postage to ensure safe arrival and all UK orders will be Recorded delivery. We know you will love these shirts so once again `Thank you` for your orders and support of the Tygers. We still have around 15 shirts left available in all sizes so if your thinking about ordering one do so now to avoid disappointment.
Tygers back in Northern Ireland
5th January 2012
We are pleased to announce that the Tygers will be playing The Diamond in Ballymena, Northern Ireland on Friday 16th March. We are delighted to confirm this show as the hospitality shown and crowd reaction was just fantastic when we played there last in 2010. Support for this date will be local,

For tickets please visit www.wegottickets.com or Contact Derwin on 07989588931

We are really looking forward to seeing you guys again.
Nightvision support Tygers on Feb/March UK dates
5th January 2012
Nightvision continue to grow their reputation as one of the rising stars of the new generation of British original heavy rock/metal bands during a busy 2011, which also saw the release of their second album ‘Consequence Of Sin’ on Rocksector Records. The video featuring the opening track of the album ‘So Many Lies’ was broadcast on both Scuzz & Kerrang TV channels to critical applause. Having played previously with the likes of NWOBHM legends Diamond Head, Blaze Bailey and American rockers Fozzy they are eagerly awaiting their upcoming dates supporting the Tygers. Check out the band on there official website and social networking sites.
News & Gig Change
3rd January 2012
Cardiff Date change!!!!! Once Again

Due to a surprise Family Engagement which involves Robb the Cardiff gig at the Bogiez Rock Club has been changed once again. This is now confirmed for Thursday 1st March. We sincerely apologies to all our fans in South Wales for the changes to this show and hopefully this mid week date will not deter you from coming to the show. I would like to thank the venue and promoter for their understanding in this matter.
White Hellbound Shirts - only 50 left!
23rd December 2011
Further to making the shirts available at the knock down £10.00 + P&P price on eBay, a good deal have sold. We still have all sizes available but we are down to our last 50 shirts. If you have not got one of these they are a great shirt at a great price and will never be reprinted as they are a one-off special.

Sizes available: S - XXL.
Spellbound UK Tour Shirts 1981
23rd December 2011
The very limited edition re-pro Spellbound Tour Shirt 1981 is now on pre-sale. This is a run of 75 only of which over half have sold over this past weekend alone. We do expect these to completely sell out before they arrive in the UK so please don't be disappointed and order now. We have just received the mock-up shirt and it's even better than we thought - looks fantastic! We are trying to get delivery earlier but please note that at present we will posting them out around the 24th January 2012.
Signed Wildcat Sessions Vinyl 'up for grabs'
23rd December 2011
In order to give you guys an incentive to buy our goodies, everybody who places an order will be entered into a draw and the winner will receive a fully signed 'Wildcat Sessions' on vinyl. The vinyl is rare in its own right and to add to it only five have been signed by the band and are the first officially endorsed. If you buy more than one item then you will be entered the same number of times as your purchases. Draw will take place 5th January 2012 and will include all purchases from 1st December.
Newcastle Academy 2 date added for July 2012
23rd December 2011
We are pleased to announce that the band will be playing the Academy 2 in Newcastle on Thursday July 19th 2012. We have had some great shows in the past at the Academy and are really looking forward to playing our home town show. We always get old and new friends coming along which gives it that special event and feel for the band. Tickets for this show are priced at £10.00 and will be available from the Academy website from Friday 23rd December 2011. We do hope to see you all there.
Leeds 'The Well' show ticket-link
23rd December 2011
Below is the link to tickets for the Leeds show at 'The Well' on July 20th 2012. Hope you will be able to attend.



More Christmas Bargains - Wildcat Shirts at £7.50 + P&P
23rd December 2011

To continue our Christmas Sale we are selling at the cost price of £7.50 + P&P ! THE LAST SEVEN ! 'Wildcat' shirts we have in stock. Unfortunately we only have:-

1 x XXL
6 x Small

Once these are sold we will not be reprinting this design.

These are brand new 'Old Stock'.

The shirts are available yet again on ebay uk and the link is:-

Auction No - 300639999367
Back & Beyond Eps Greatly reduced
23rd December 2011
Its almost like a 'Twelve Days of Christmas Sale' on Tygers goodies! We are selling off all our old stock to make room for new in 2012 so grab yourself a bargain while stocks last.

For today's sale item, we still have around sixty Back & Beyond EP's available. If you remember this was the first release the band had with Jacopo on vocals and was not really intended for public sale but for promotional use only. We did however have 1000 copies printed which will not be re-printed in the future. Its a great piece of history if you have not got a copy and for the price its a real bargain. the Ep is only available via the Tygers web shop, this is not an Ebay sale item. The EP is now £2.50 + P&P.

Spellbound UK Tour 1981 T shirts
16th December 2011

Following the success of the reproduction 1980 UK Tour Shirt back in 2009 we thought it would be a great idea to again reproduce what is a real piece of history, the 1981 Spellbound UK Tour Shirt. We have been working with our merchandise provider to create an almost identical shirt and the results are fantastic. We are planning on having a very limited run of 75 shirts so they still retain the collectable value. The 1980 shirts sold out in three weeks which had a similar run number so make sure you get in there quickly.

We will be taking delivery and posting in late January but you can place your order now! These are not to be missed.

Click here to place your order

This will be the final Spellbound celebration item that we will be doing, following the Sessions EP and Hellbound shirts. After this its onto 'Crazy Nights' with that iconic cover by Rodney Matthews.

Leeds date added & Cardiff date change
16th December 2011

We are pleased to announce that the Tygers will be playing 'The Well' in Leeds on July 20th 2012. This will be a great chance to showcase some new material after the release of the new album scheduled for June 2012. For those who do not know the venue, its just around the corner from the Leeds City College on the edge of the City Centre. It's a great venue that's really up close and personal, and there is a bar attached, where the band will be relaxing and available to chat before and after the show.

Also please note that the Cardiff show which was scheduled for the 2nd March 2012 has been re-scheduled to the 4th March 2012, now a Sunday night show. (Delete sentence previously here!) It will still be a great night, the last time we played in South Wales with the Monsters of British Rock you guys were fantastic.
Christmas Savings on Merchandise
16th December 2011
The 2011 white Bang Your Head Hellbound shirts on eBay have now been reduced to a knock down price of  £10.00 + posting to clear. As its Christmas we thought that we would show that spirit & cheer and help out in these financially difficult times. We are also running this offer on the Black Hellbound shirts but only if they are bought on the eBay listing. We have limited availability on the Black shirts so check before buying by contacting us through the ask the seller a question link on the listing advert.

Merry Christmas to you all,

White BYH Hellbound shirts on eBay
8th December 2011

Just to let everyone know we have placed a listing on eBay to sell some old stock shirts from the BYH Festival appearance in 2011. The shirts were a one-off design and we have about 50 left of a total 250 run. The price is a knockdown £13.00 + postage and the link is


Don't forget to chose your size and let us know with your Paypal payment. At present we have all sizes available from S - XXL



Glasgow show confirmed for March 2012
7th December 2011
We are pleased to announce another date has been added for March 2012 in Scotland. It's been a long time since the band last played north of the border so we are particularly looking forward to meeting up with you guys again. We know your reputation and want to experience that craziness you are well known for. Check out the band at:-

17th March 2012 - Ivory Blacks Club Glasgow Scotland

Get your tickets and get down for a great night of old school British Rock.
Tygers Shows UK February / March 2012
6th December 2011

To coincide with recording the new album the guys wanted to play some low key dates around studio time. The idea was to have the opportunity to play some of the new material prior to the official release date, so you guys would be the first to hear it.

The venues/ dates are as follows:-
17th February Hark to Towler Bury, Lancashire, UK
18th February The Riverside Selby, West Yorkshire, UK
2nd March Bogiez Rock Bar Cardiff, South Wales
3rd March B2 Norwich, Norfolk, UK

Ticket details can be sourced form the individual venues websites

There may be a few more shows added but this will be dependant upon the recording schedule.
Coming Soon - Studio Report part 1
1st December 2011

We thought it would be of interest to you if we gave you a little insight into how the new album is constructed from writing stage right through to the recording and mix. At the moment the band have about twenty songs in various stages, although we pretty much know which twelve we will pick for the album. The band are really excited with the new songs which show how the band have progressed since 'Animal Instinct'.

Craig plays a vital role in the arrangement of songs from the first 'riff' idea to the final arrangement and 'Stage 1' will be his version of events. Stage 2 will be the actual recording process report and for Stage 3, we will ask Chris T to put his thoughts down on the sound and vibe he is trying to get from the mix and pulling the sound together.

Stage 1 will be with you shortly so keep checking out the site for more details.

The Wildcat Sessions released on Vinyl
29th November 2011

We are very pleased to announce that the 'The Wildcat Sessions' is available to buy on vinyl through our friends 'Night of the Vinyl Dead' of Italy. This is the same company who also brought you the fantastic vinyl version of 'Animal Instinct' in early 2011. The agreement with Night of the Vinyl Dead is to release all four of the planned Sessions Series so watch out for 'The Crazy Nights Sessions' coming early 2012.

Night of the Vinyl Dead (www.nightofthevinyldead.com) do not sell directly to retail but it can be bought from www.hho-records.de or www.nuclearblast.de

I would advise that if your interested in buying this, act now as it is a Ltd edition of 350 and the previous 'Animal Instinct' vinyl sold out in 4 days.

Chris Tsangarides to produce new Tygers album
28th November 2011

We are delighted to announce that Chris Tsangarides will be producing and mixing the forthcoming album. Recording is scheduled for February 2012 at Chris's studio in Kent and mixing will take place in March. It is a real coup for the band to get such a well known producer and we know he will ensure that the vibe, feel and spirit of the album is in keeping with the Tygers signature sound. For those of you who are not familiar with Chris, he was at the desk for both the 'Wildcat' and 'Spellbound' albums back in 1980/81 which really helped to make these albums the classic releases that they became. Chris also makes an appearance in the 'Anvil story' as well as being associated with a multitude of top class Bands.

The new album which has a working title of 'Ambush' will be released circa June 2012, this is a little later than planned but we wanted to make sure we had everything in place.

Tygers confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival & more
28th November 2011

We are very pleased to announce that the Tygers will play the prestigious Sweden Rock Festival in 2012. This is one of the largest Festivals in the world that celebrates Classic Rock music and its a great honour for the Tygers. We are very proud to have been invited to play such an event and this further allows us to get our music back to the masses who have not had the chance to hear the Tygers for a while.

We are also delighted to be confirmed for the following:-

SOS Festival UK - 21st July 2012

Upton Festival UK - 25th August 2012

Underground Investigation France - 6th October 2012

Together with the confirmed Skulls of Metal Festival on the 7th July, and hopefully many more to come, the Tygers should be near you at some point in 2012.


Brian Leaves/ Gav now permanent
25th November 2011

As many of you are aware Brian West is a vital part of the Uriah Heep set up as both tech to Trevor Boulder and Stage Manager. Due to their prolific touring schedule Brian has decided that he cannot commit the time required to record and tour with the Tygers so he has reluctantly resigned his position within the band.

This has been a situation that all parties have tried to work around in 2011 but with the pending recording of a new album and shows being booked throughout 2012 there had to be some consistency and continuity within the band. Brian totally understood this need which lead to him making the decision.

Brian has been an instrumental and vital part of the Tygers for 12 years and will be missed as a person and band member, we wish him all the best in the future.

During the latter part of 2011 we have been working with Gav Gray as a temporary replacement to Brian. Gav who was with the Tygers back in 2000 and appeared with Robb and Jess at Wacken before joining The Almighty has fitted in perfectly both playing live and during the writing process of the new album. It therefore gives us great pleasure to announce that with immediate effect Gav Gray is now the permanent Bass player for Tygers of Pan Tang.

This will be a new chapter in the history of the Tygers and with an exciting year ahead we wish Brian a fond farewell and welcome Gav into the Tygers family.


Line up completed for Skulls of Metal Festival 2012
20th November 2011

The full Line is now complete for the Skulls of Metal Festival 2012 which is held in LAS ESCUELAS, JAÉN, ANDALUCIA - SPAIN. The festival is held on the 7th July and all ticket details are on the below event poster. We are really looking forward to seeing our Spanish fans once again.

Rock the Foundation 8th October 2011
1st September 2011
Just to remind all UK fans that The Tygers are playing a very special show on Friday 7th October 2011.

The band will be playing the Black Flag Venue in Wakefield, UK to raise much needed funds for the Ben Manning Music Foundation. The charity is in aid of providing the less-fortunate a chance to get into music. The Charity Director who has promoted the event Lee Manning started and named the Charity after the tragic death of his brother Ben who was a huge music fan and sadly died on a night out.

This is a huge, worthwhile cause and its going to be a great night so we urge everyone to travel to the event where possible. This will be the last chance to see a FULL Tygers show in the UK this year due to writing new material so please grab this chance and aid a very worthwhile cause. Please order your tickets now!

Ticket details on the event can be sourced from Lee Manning on email address office@benmanning.org.uk
Tygers Sign To Rocksector Records
19th July 2011

It is our pleasure to announce that Tygers of Pan Tang have signed a four year contract with Rocksecter Records in the UK. This is a worldwide deal although Rocksecter will be using partner labels in some countries and will cover the bands next two album releases. This is a great opportunity to not just create a Great album but to make sure we get this available worldwide. Check out Rocksecter at http://www.mwaweb.com/rocksector.html for more information..
6th July 2011
The Tygers are delighted to announce the first festival date to be booked for 2012. The band will be venturing back to Spain for the first time since the 2010 appearance at the Legends of Rock Festival. It will be a great day and the band are really looking forward to visiting and playing in Spain once again. The Festival itself will be held in LAS ESCUELAS, JAÉN, ANDALUCIA, SPAIN on the 7th July 2012. We will be posting more details including ticket details etc very soon so keep checking out the site.
Tygers in Classic Rock AOR Magazine
3rd June 2011
A quick note to inform everybody to check out the latest edition of AOR magazine which is one of the spin off magazines of Classic Rock. There is a 6 page article on the Tygers and includes 2011 interviews with not only Robb but Rocky and Brian Dick. Its a great read and will give you a real insight into the early days and break up of the band in 1982.
Tygers of Pan Tang Rock The Foundation @ The Black Flag Venue, Wakefield, UK
1st June 2011
The Tygers are delighted to announce a Very special show on Friday 7th October 2011. The band will be playing the Black Flag Venue in Wakefield, UK to raise much needed funds for the Ben Manning Music Foundation. The charity is in aid of providing the less fortunate chance to get into music. The Charity Director who has promoted the event Lee Manning started and named the Charity after the tragic death of his brother Ben who was a huge music fan and died on a night out. This is a huge, worthwhile cause and its going to be a great night so we urge everyone to travel to the event where possible. The Tygers shows are few and far between this year due to writing and recording needs so grab this chance. There will be 2 or 3 other bands on so it will be great value for money. The Tygers will be playing a full set and it will give everybody a chance to hear a lot of songs from the 'Spellbound' album which was celebrated early in the year with the release of the Spellbound sessions.

Further details on the event can be sourced from Lee on email address office@benmanning.org.uk
'Bang Your Head Festival' Warm-Up Shows in UK & France - July 14/15th
25th April 2011

On July 16th the band will play the fantastic 'Bang Your Festival' in Germany so to break the long journey and to get some active stage time on the road prior, two shows have been booked.

Following rehearsals on the 14th July the band will play 'The 'Riverside Bar' venue in Selby which is located between Leeds & York so its easy access for all our fans based in Yorkshire and the North East. Its great to finally play the Riverside especially as its the owners birthday on the 14th so it will be a special show & occasion. It will also be the first time that the band have had chance to play the new set in the UK which includes a whole lot of songs from the 'Spellbound' album following the release of 'The Spellbound Sessions' EP in February. Tickets will be priced at £5.00 for this one so there is no excuse not to come along for a great night of NWOBHM.

The following day the band will make the long trip to France and play the 'Pacific Rock' venue which is located on the outskirts of Paris. Its been a long time since the band played in France so it will be another great chance to get stage fit and play for our fans. Again the show will be the full production set. This will be a free entry show so get down for another great night of NWOBHM.

There will be local support at both venues.

We will have a full range of Tygers merchandise on offer at both shows,

website/ venue/ ticket details:-



See you all vey soon

'Animal Instant' Limited Edition Vinyl now available!
5th April 2011

We are pleased to announce that 'Animal Instinct' has now been released on Vinyl by our friends 'Night of the Vinyl Dead' in Italy. The Album comes with the original Artwork but we have incorporated the Animal Instinct x 2 booklet and we have to say the end product is fantastic. This is a real collectors item with a pressing of just 350 with no plans as yet for a re-press so its not to be missed

Front Sleeve

Back Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

For further information please see http://www.nightofthevinyldead.com/

We are lead to believe that these are fast selling out so if you want to get hold of one of these Special Limited Editions contact the above as quickly as you can.

Tygers confirm Bang Your Head Festival 2011 & Hard Rock Hell 5 Festival
28th March 2011

We are delighted to announce the band will this year be playing at both The Bang Your Head Festival in Germany on Saturday 16th July and then the Hard Rock Hell 5 Festival at Prestatyn, North Wales on Thursday 1st December.

It will be great to play again in Germany after the reception for the band at Keep It True & Headbangers Open Air Festivals in 2010, and with HRH becoming a must play on the UK Festival circuit this is also a great honour to be invited.

We look forward to seeing you all again. We are hoping to add some further Festival Appearances in for the summer and onwards into 2011 so keep checking this site for the latest news.

Limited Edition Hellbound Shirts
5th March 2011

To celebrate 30 years since the release of the single Hellbound we have had 100 limited edition shirts printed. The song is one of the most requested by you guys at shows so we thought you would appreciate this special accolade. In the past all our limited edition shirts have sold out very quickly so get your order in early. We have all sizes at present as well as some ladies skinnies so as always forward an email via the contact page after paying by paypal confirming your requirements. We have also reduced the prices on these shirts as we know everybody is feeling the financial pressure so we hope this helps out a little. We have also reduced the price on the few remaining Wildcat shirts. We have all sizes apart from Large in this design.

As always Thank you for your support of the Tygers

'The Spellbound Sessions' / 'Mirror' Promo Video...
25th February 2011
Italy Tour - Press Release
18th February 2011

Robb was rushed into Hospital on Thursday 17th February with Kidney stones. Although the illness is far from Life threatening he is in extreme discomfort. The Doctors have advised that he stay in Hospital until they can carry out the medical procedure necessary to cure the pain. Robb was still optimistic but on Friday they refused him permission to fly. He is absolutely devastated that he will not be able to travel to Italy for the shows.

After a lot of discussions with the promoter and at Robb's request, the rest of the band agreed to play as a four piece. This will be a unique chance to see the band and one that will hopefully never be repeated. We realise it will be different, but please still join us for a great night of Rock music and I can promise we will have some fun at these unusual shows. We will still be selling the full range of Tygers merchandise which is already in Italy.

Due to the events on Thursday the planned posting of the Spellbound Sessions EP did not happen, these will now be sent on Tuesday 22nd February on our return from Italy.

Thank you to you all for your understanding in the above,


Ages Of Metal Festival
13th February 2011
We are delighted to Announce that the Tygers will be playing the Ages of Metal Festival in Belgium on the 8th October 2011.

The band is very excited and looking forward to playing the festival, its going to be a great night.

Watch out for some other exciting news on the Head-Lining act which will be announced later in the year.
'The Spellbound Sessions' Trailer...
11th February 2011
Metal Forces Festival Cancelled
10th February 2011
It is with great disappointment that we have to announce that the Metal Forces Festival on the the 12th March 2011 has been cancelled. The cancellation is beyond both the Tygers and promoters control.

We very much hope we can get back to Germany later in the year to play for you guys.


'The Spellbound Sessions' Release Date & Details...
26th January 2011

February 19th 2011 will see Tygers of Pan Tang release a special 6 Track CD EP 'The Spellbound Sessions' to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their Iconic 1981 release 'Spellbound'. Following on from last year's celebration of the Wildcat Album and after receiving fantastic feedback from the fans the band decided to continue with this concept of celebrating the past.

Robb Weir (Guitarist & Founder) says "I am very proud of the bands history as well as the current line up of the band. This EP as did 'The Wildcat Sessions' gives an opportunity to celebrate and record some of my favourite songs and to remember the past through the current line up. We should never forget the Tygers History and I hope this shows the band will always recognise the early days of the band. 'Spellbound' was a new era for the band in 1981 and after the success of 'Wildcat' we had to follow on with something special which I think we did. There are a lot of bands that want to modernise their sound or image and forget what made them great in the beginning, I am not one of them."

The CD is a limited Edition of 1000 copies and will be made available to the Tyger Force fan club from the 10th February.

The CD will be available for general sale from the website shop from the 19th February 2011, www.tygersofpantang.com priced at £5.95 + posting.

The Track Listing will be:-
Gangland / Take it / Hellbound / Mirror / Tyger Bay / Don't Stop By

All songs have been re-recorded and re-mixed by Tygers of Pan Tang 2011. The bands full live set during 2011 will include all songs from 'The Spellbound Sessions'.
'The Spellbound Sessions' Press Release
20th December 2010
January 2011 will see the Tygers go into the studio to record a special EP to celebrate 30 years since the release of their iconic album release 'Spellbound'.

The EP will be titled 'The Spellbound Sessions' and include 6 songs from the original album re-recorded by the current Tygers line up.

The songs the band have chosen are:

1. Hellbound
2. Don't Stop By
3. Tyger Bay
4. Gangland
5. Take it
6. Mirror

All these tracks will be completely re-recorded.

2010 saw the band record 'The Wildcat Sessions' EP and the feedback was fantastic so the band wanted to continue with this concept.

The band have always respected their past releases which form the majority of the live show set so it is a fitting tribute.

The recording will be completed in January 2011 and then following the licence application and manufacture should be available from the webshop from early February.

We will be holding the price the same as 'The Wildcat sessions' at £5.00 + posting. The EP will also be available at the live shows during 2011.

Tygers return to Italy!
15th December 2010
Tygers of Pan Tang are delighted to announce three shows in Italy between 19 - 21 February 2011. Its always a special occasion for the Tygers when playing in Italy as this is the Homeland of Jacopo Meille (Vocalist 1994 - present) and the reception the band receives from the Italian Metal Fans is always fantastic.

The shows will be in Ravenna, Milan & Florence and will include a number of special guests. The shows will be the first to follow the release of a special EP (The Spellbound Sessions) which will celebrate 30 years since the release of this Iconic Tygers album and will be available from the website www.tygersofpantang.com from February 1st 2011. The EP will include 6 songs/tracks re-worked by the present line up and will form the foundation of the live set played throughout 2011.

Ticket details will follow soon. Please check out the website and facebook for all the latest news on Tygers of Pan Tang.

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